"Your Best"

Time has come and gone
Like fallen leafs being replaced
Century after Century
Time has called its next
To be replaced by a younger stronger Hero
Like a finished text
Don't feel bad you did your best
Now let the rest take the test

"A Toast"

A rose aroma
Blended and aged
With the finest of grapes
As one sips and tips
For such a special occasion


"Mother Earth"

Big Blue births a feathered streak
While a flaming ember nourishes Mother Earth
A rainbow ed Pearl zero's in
Natures life and wonders


"Last Ride"

A wounded warrior heads back to war
His head hell high for moments at a time
And his horse dazed yet threading forward
He knows this is his last ride
A proud warrior heading to the point


"Loaves and Fishes" (Sacramento)

A non profit organization
That shares a meal Love and care
Donations can be from a business overstocked or not
Or from a family that has experienced
The dark side of life and knows the definition
Of strife maybe a volunteer or two will due
All in all its a team effort to help the less fortunate
Lets help in an effort that shows unity care and love


"Blood Source Midtown" (Sacto)

A unique organization
Giving one a chance by giving blood
A precious gift and thought in life
A gift your mind and body will replenish
You could be helping a new born
Or one involved in a unfortunate incident
Not only will your mind and spirit Glow
But your humanitarian effort will help save a life
A priceless experience and a Win Win situation
(I'd like to thank Heather and Tabatha for making)
(the procedure as comfortable and smooth as possible)
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone
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"From Help Above"

He noticed a color in life with no dread
And as he turned he notice a distance yearn
Some hoped goodwill others prayed his dead
They'll get their wish , not on their terms
As he needs to clear the air thats hazed
And spread his Love like a Dove
He sees things to tend and raze
With all the help above
He'll then gladly walk to the End


"Friday the 13th"

The sign reads custom fitted Gyroscopes
Guaranteed to keep you from falling or failing in life
The price, your heart and soul
Just sign in Red and pay at The End
Once you sign don't look behind
No doubt theres no way out as you've been bought
Think twice, your better off
With the roll of the dice


"The Green Demons"

Neighbor hood kids sporting on green stingrays
Green peaches,Plums,Kick balls,Tether ball, and volley ball nets
Webelos, Tender foot,Second class, First class, and out
Bee routes, union routes, and the Green sheet
Psychedelic Posters,black lights and Strobe lights
57 Chevy's,Honda's,and 51 Pick ups
Drums,guitars,longhair,concerts,and a voice of your choice
Spinata, Cherry Cocktails,Cannabis , and beer ,Just Ask Alice
Jobs,Money then a Honey
Wife's,Babies and Grandchildren, The Green Demons
If I had to do it over again

"Last Moments"

She gasped her last breaths
As if she wanted to say something
I listened and watched
Not knowing what to do or say
Yet I started to pray
I heard her say thank you
The last moments with my Mom


"Second Saturday" (Sacramento)

Beautiful Scenery,Tasty Food and Vibrant bands
Looking for that unusual gift
Or just want to be part of the Riff
Talk,Skip,Jump or Dance your voice your choice
A place to meet or have a seat
Fair warning Zombies have been spotted
Around and within the crowd
So if you like the mix with a slight twist
Second Saturday is the place to be


"Stay Put and Keep Quiet"

Do you need to know that in foe?
Do you have to know today
Or this very minute, Do you have to ask?
Treat it like a outdoors men
Stay put and keep quiet
As the fish will come to you
And the deer will cross your path

"Armani Michelle Munoz"

Off the carpet and out of the sand box
With wings of a Ladybug
Air born as you mutter and flutter
The wonder months that will last into the past
And Golden Years that should be
Cherished, Loved, and held Dear


"Anybody, Tell Me"

Her voice was more a coo
With her every movement, as natural
And Graceful as a butterfly
Her beauty like a Rose
Following the arc of the moon
And an aura that scarred my heart
Oh somebody, anybody
Tell me its surreal
And not a dream as it seems

"Your Voice"

One group kicks the ball
The other throws it
Yet another hits it with a bat
Your voice your choice


"Zombie Walk" (Sacramento)

Cuts, bruises and dripping blood
They walked thru crowds yet not loud
Like a snake that slithers with treasure
Showing their pleasure
Wave after wave Zombie after Zombie
A walk that was more like a Rave

"Dews and Views"

Cold diamonds and empty courts
You can hear feathers of a bird
Early morning dews and views



I'll see you when I see you
And I'll be back when I come back
When I leave I left and when I
Write I'll be writing and when
It's dumb its dumb


"Forgive and Forget" (...Understand the Analogy)

As her demeaning grips became tighter
His emotional and mental well being lowered

Well his heart bled and his soul began to wither
Yet his spirit was able to unleash a rejuvenation process
And is willing to forget and forgive
And with No apology he doesn't understand the analogy


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