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The Beatles Debut on The Ed Sullivan Show 1964 An Uncontrollable Rave Around the Globe and..........

. I was in the 6th grade (1964) and attending Fruitridge Elementary School, When I first saw The Beatles making their debut in the U.S. by way of The Ed Sullivan show, The next day everyone at school was talking about the Beatles including the teachers, It was an uncontrollable Rave that swept through Sacramento to New York and around the globe such an unique and memorable experience to be a part of 

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Tulare County Realtor Century 21, Juan-Manuel Guajardo

Let me help you with all your real estate needs and Dreams,  I'll guide you to your new Home 
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  • 2019-02-13

    BLUE-OX Midtown Sacramento, Men's Casual, and work haberdashery, Levis, Carhartts, Ben Davis, Dickies,Redwings,Wolverines and More...........

    Yes the BLUE OX is located in Midtown Sacramento (923- K street) Owned and operated by Abraham and Lily, They carry an assortment of brand names in casual and work haberdashery   with an assortment of work boots and Cowboy boots, Lily will help and make recommendations  with a smile, Yes Midtown Sacramento was in need of a clothing store to supply your needs, Without having to travel  across Town. Stop by and browse, You'll probably find what your looking for. Below is a small portion of Goods that they have to offer
    (916) 228-4036
    And don't forget to like "The Blue Ox" on Face Book Just click on link  https://www.facebook.com/TheBlueOx916/
    And watch an Interview by Good Day Sacramento just click on link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5NqwLy_w3w

    Here's a Large selection of pant ware with Style and every conceivable colour, Carhartts, Levis, Dickies, Ben  Davis, Wrangler, and more
    Below is  Lime Green Safety ware and rain gear
    Here we have an assortment of  Carhartt  Jackets with wool or Sherpa lining, Yes Sherpa lining that will keep you warm during the winter months at work, Or whether you're climbing the highest  mountain peaks !
    Looking for Quality work boots, look no further (Redwings, Wolverine, and more )
    How about a pair of Cowboy Boots, Tony Lama, Justin and more , you have many styles and colours  to choose from
     And remember Lily will help you choose a style and color that fits your personality with comfort, From her many years of sales experience, So stop by to say Hello and browse you'll be surprised at what you'll find and keep in mind that the above is a small portion of what they have to offer ! And yes they carry flannels and Pendleton

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    Don't Forget to Vote ! That's our Ci........

    Did you vote today ? ?
    Don't forget to vote ! Not only is it your right it's our civic duty regardless of your political affiliation, Voting is one of many corner stones for our democracy and we are the building blocks that make the U.S.A. such a Great Nation, and remember if you didn't vote Don't complain Thank You and have a Great Day (Alfred Guajardo ) #GreatNation #OurCivicDuty
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    "Al the Green Rain Train" Brought to life at "Chalk It Up" 2013-2018

    "The Green Rain Train Continues his Journey"
    Welcome back to our long-time Chalk It Up supporter, Children's Book , Al The Green Rain Train! We are so pleased that Al's fantastic book will be brought to life in chalk on the sidewalks of Fremont Park at the 28th #Annual Chalk It Up ! Chalk Art and Music Fest this Labor Day Weekend.
    "Al the Green Rain Train" is an environmentally friendly children's book, created by talented Author/Illustrator Alfred Guajardo.
    Al, a friendly train, makes his way through the environment in an easy to understand fashion for children to learn about the environment. It is available in school libraries, public libraries, at your local book shop, or through on-line book sellers in printed and e-book editions (click on link to make purchase) Thank YOU

    We are looking forward to seeing your square this year, A. Here are some of Al's previous squares.
    Welcome Back, Chalk Star Al!

    Addison, Olivia, and Jazzman, 2013
    Jeannine Idica
    Stephen Williams
     Photos by Monica Stark from Valley Community News, Thank You Monica !
    Stephanie Reyes 2018
     The above posts were sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all rated 4.7 out of 5 (41) to make purchase  or to read reviews click on link,  Thank You and have a Great Day
    Here's a video of "Chalk It Up" 2018 by Ashley Williams with "Good Day Sacramento" featuring Stephanie Reyes