Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way of "Amtrak"

Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way  of "Amtrak"
Author Alfred Guajardo, Environmental Super Hero USPTO, Helping Mother Earth bring in a "Storm"

Friday, May 12, 2017

A shout for the Sacramento Police Department, a humanitarian gesture on K......

As I was taking my daily stroll, I noticed two Police Officers helping a
 temporary displaced persona fix his bike, such a positive and  humanitarian gesture
 On K street  ,  I wish all three a Great Day and a shout to the Sacramento Police
department (Author, Alfred Guajardo)

The above post was sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train" an environmental
book for children and a reminder to all, to make purchase or to write your
review click on link, Thank You and have a Great Day


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