"The Green Demons"

Neighbor hood kids sporting on green stingrays
Green peaches,Plums,Kick balls,Tether ball, and volley ball nets
Webelos, Tender foot,Second class, First class, and out
Bee routes, union routes, and the Green sheet
Psychedelic Posters,black lights and Strobe lights
57 Chevy's,Honda's,and 51 Pick ups
Drums,guitars,longhair,concerts,and a voice of your choice
Spinata, Cherry Cocktails,Cannabis , and beer ,Just Ask Alice
Jobs,Money then a Honey
Wife's,Babies and Grandchildren, The Green Demons
If I had to do it over again

1 comment:

  1. I grew up in your neighborhood. Jimmy was Sharons boyfriend and Danny mine. It was nice to see you on TV the other day. Old memories...Good luck..


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