Al the Green Rain Train and Facebook

 Al the Green Rain Train and Facebook

Im a self published author Inspired by my Nieces and Nephews and I enjoy being involved in different events like "Chalk it up" (Sacramento) Career Day (Strathmore California) and "Earth Day" Sacramento, as my book  "AL the Green Rain Train" (ages 6-9) teaches our younger generation how important our environment is and how water is essential for our everyday needs like for our crops and electricity and at these events I hand out books and or make donations (Sacramento public Library and save the Schools in the Fiji Islands etc...)
How has this unfortunate experience (covid-19) affected my sales ? It's to early to tell.
I know one thing I'm receiving ten likes an day and one share per ten likes on Facebook the above numbers are an average plus or minus,  Which changes from day to day.  With that said I have a euphoric feeling,  Knowing I'm changing the World today for tomorrow 
Sincerely: Author Alfred Guajardo 

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