"Al the Green Rain Train" Participated in Read across America an event that has meaning and purpose

"Al the Green Rain Train" Participated in Read across America an event that has meaning and purpose
Author Alfred Guajardo reading to students at Olive Street Elementary School, Porterville California

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Author Alfred Guajardo, Local Guide, Sacramento California


Hello, My name is Author Alfred Guajardo, born in Loveland Colorado and raised in Sacramento California and I'm a local guide in the Greater Sacramento area (Google Reviews) and surrounding cities and states, I'm also a semi retired carpenter, Amateur Poet, Golfer, Angel Investor, Foodie, and the Author of "Al the Green Rain Train" an Environmental book for Childern and an reminder to all, In any case I have made more than 183 contributions and climbing, my reviews consist  of Restaurants, Hospitals, Bike shops, Clubs, Parks, Regional Transit, Print shops, Fabric shops, Ice cream Shops  And more, click on link below to read some 5 star reviews about the Sacramento area 

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Friday, April 21, 2023

Quote by Author Alfred Guajardo, Sacramento California


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Somethings that are said, Should be written an Red

                      Author Alfred Guajardo


                    Environmental Superhero

Thursday, March 02, 2023

When and How Will Planet Earth End ? No one knows for Sure, What We do Know..

   It is said that the Sun will consume  Planet Earth anywhere between 1.5 billion and 5 billion years from now, no one really knows for sure, As mankind will be long gone by then that's my personal opinion,  what we do know for certain is  sooner or later mankind will finish destroying   Planet earth along with themselves, whether it's a nuclear war or a combination of air and earth pollution which will result in starvation, lawlessness, chaos, dehydration,   wide spread diseases, and  or self inflected wounds, nevertheless slowly but surely,   life will gradually come to a halt on planet Earth as we know it, but not surprisingly, life will continue to develop and thrive somewhere else in our never ending Universe which would be light years from Planet Earth, and the aforementioned scenario will repeat itself hundreds of times over and over as life continues to move forward in places unknown to us Humans, again nobody knows for certain how and when life on  Planet Earth will cease to exist, As everyone has their theory or Prediction,   and this is mine nothing more and nothing less. 

Please feel free to post your prediction in comments, As to when and how Life on Mother Earth will cease to exist, I'm curious to know what others think ? ? Remain anonymous if you'd like. Thank You, Al   

Author Alfred Guajardo                                                                      Al the Green Rain Train                                                                      Environmental Super Hero                                                                  


 The year is 2023 and planet Earth is just a Heart beat away from World War 3 (an all out Nuclear War)

The worlds Dooms Day Clock  is now 90 seconds till Midnight The closest it's been since 75 years, Once it reaches Midnight just as well  kiss your Fanny Ass goodbye, One good thing you'll be debt Free, Free at last ! I probably shouldn't have said It that way, At this point want difference does it make ? ? ?
Author Alfred Guajardo 
Here's a snapshot of one of our many beaches   that Mother Earth has, It is said that there will be more plastic in our ocean than there are fish, pound for pound by the year 2050, It's also estimated that there's approximately 75 to 199 million tons of plastic in our oceans, with an additional 33 million pounds added each and every year, 😢😭 sad but true. That's why it's essential that each and everyone of us does our part, Like recycle everything that we possibly can and put our trash in designated bins or trash containers,  let us be a responsible  team that's not a Dream and help restore our damaged ecosystem, which will help heal our already fragile Mother Earth,  In return we'll live a Happier, Healthier, and longer life. 

Author Alfred Guajardo 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Raquel Welch, An Icon Enters the Golden Gates of Heaven, She'll be remembered and Greatly Missed


With a heavy ❤️ I send my Sincere condolences to the Welch family, Along with a Grand Farewell to a legend, an actress that defied age with Beauty, Class, and Grace, her many fans from around the world 🌎 will miss her unique personality, charm, and talent. A classy International  sex symbol of the sixty's and into the 21st century, a  feat accomplished by few and with grace,  modesty, and natural Beauty, We thank you for the many hours of entertainment throughout Your Hollywood acting career, Now rest in peace and live a Magical  life of eternity   amongst the Gazillion ⭐ stars in our Heavenly Universe, Amen 

(Author Alfred Guajardo) 

She defied age with Class, Style, Grace, and Beauty
"One Million Years B.C."  The movie and poster that made her a famous classy International sex symbol  

February 1967

Friday, December 16, 2022

Harry and Meghan Markle's reconciliation with the Royal Family ? Not anytime soon, Yet Possible


Right wrong or indifferent, I believe that Harry's Brother William and his Dad King Charles along with other family members, Will forgive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and vice versa  not anytime soon but in the future, As someone has to step up to the plate, and it should be the Senior members, Being King Charles and Prince William, As that's the King's duty, obligation and responsibility,  to bring peace and make amends within the Royal Family, Being King is more than a Coronation while being handed a crown with Glitz, Pomp and Glamour, while waving to family, friends and dignitaries, Now is the time for the King to roll up his shirt sleeves and go to work and come up with a well thought out  engineered plan that will hopefully bring the families back together again not an easy task yet not impossible, Now the question is will Prince Harry and Meghan understand and be willing to step back into and be family members ? (Not talking Royal duties)  I think 🤔 so ! As this unfortunate and uncomfortable dark cloud  that lingers within the Royal family cannot go on forever ! as a majority of that cloud needs to dissipate ! It is said that internet Sleuth's, News casters and Royal family experts, that Harry and Meghan's Strained  relationship with the Royal family is beyond repair ? and that all bridges were burned ?  Well I disagree 100% whole heartedly in so many different ways as it's just a matter of time and a willing and positive effort from both sides, that the strained relationship will be back to almost normal ! and I say almost normal. With that being said I also believe that the strained relationship will be healed so so  on the outside and will always be felt and never forgotten  on the Inside,  I admit that the situation looks dark, dreary and bleak, but remember that there's always a ripple of hope after a full-on Tsunami !   I've said it more than once and I'll say it again If it wasn't for "Monies" the Royal family would not be going through these unfortunate predicaments and unsuspecting times. As everyone has an opinion and or theory, and this is mine ! Last but not least I'm Praying and wishing the Royal families the best in these unsettling, and tumultuous times.  

(Author Alfred Guajardo) 

If anyone would like to leave a comment, feel free to chime in, Remain anonymous if  you'd  like,   Thank You, Al 


Sunday, October 23, 2022

There's a Sucker born every minute, P.T. Barnum

One pays a Corporation so they can have the privilege to advertise their product, by buying their T-shirts, Hats... with their logo or company name on them, No doubt these Corporations are laughing all the way to the BANK ! It is said "There's a sucker born every minute"  (P.T. Barnum) For the record, through the years I myself have made purchases just to advertise their product or company, But as of late, Not No But Hell No ! I myself believe in handouts and freebies which markets your product or company in so many different ways. It also speaks positive volumes about yourself and your company   when you're handing out marketing freebies, And if you do decide to sell your Marketing items it also speaks volumes about yourself and your company, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Author Alfred Guajardo 


Freebies handed out at events 
To place an order of pens with your logo and or your company name contact Tia Davidson, sales account specialist at 800-854-1000 ext. 771520
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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

NATIONAL PEN at pens.com, Stylish, Classy, and Practical

First and foremost I'd like to thank Tia Davidson for taking my order in a professional manner. I  ordered the Alpha soft touch gel pen with rose gold trim and stylus with my personalized imprint that was concise and legible at an reasonable price, and everyone I gave a pen to loved them and thought they were a stylish and classy marketing item. The delivery was light fast, as we beat the deadline which was Labor Day weekend, again I'd like to thank Tia for being patient and understanding with a potential customer, If you'd like to place an order contact Tia Davidson, Sales account Specialist at 800-854-1000, Ext. 771520  

You can order a single color or an assortment package, you can't go wrong ! 

Your print is Clear and Concise on any color, these pens are Fancy, Classy and practical, and are used day in and day out, which makes these pens an excellent 👍 marketing item ! 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Custom T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery, 4506 Florin Rd. Sacramento


It was a pleasure working with Moses at Custom Print by Clothes 4 Brothers, Moses was able to do a custom print job on my special hand made cape (Tailored by Top Hat Cleaners) and as you can see from the photos he did an excellent job, he also beat a deadline I was shooting for, They also do signs, banners, T-shirt printing, Vinyl decal lettering, Flyer's, Post Cards, Business Cards, Brochures, And a lot more to many to list, They also furnish polo shirts, T-shirts, Hats and more, not only do they print and embroidery by the hundred, they also do single items, if you're looking for team apparel or single items you can't go wrong here, if you want quality and quantity Contact Moses at <printmygarment@gmail.com> (916) 753-5907 and ask for Moses (4506 Florin Rd. Southgate Plaza)

Custom Print and Embroidery

                 A custom print job for a custom hand made cape

Cape was tailored by Top Hat Cleaners located on the corner of 65th Express way and Broadway, Sacramento

An assortment of hats for your team or company

Custom print also carries an assortment of colors for T-shirts or polo shirts for your team or company 

Click on link to website for more information

Custom Print by Clothes4Bros

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Support Small Businesses, Quid-Pro-Quo

 I believe in, and support small businesses 100 percent, But some business owners do not know the definition of  "Quid pro quo" ? ? They forget or don't know that it's a two way Street, Do I have to spell it out for them ? In bold print ! "QUID PRO QUO"  Just saying.

Author Alfred Guajardo

"Al the Green Rain Train" Supports small Businesses 

Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Farewell to a Legend, Bill Russell (1934-2022)

 "Farewell to a Legend"  And Thank You for sharing your outstanding athleticism to the world ! You were one of the all time Greats,  You will be forever remembered and greatly missed, Rest in Paradise and enjoy life for Eternity, Amen 

(Author Alfred Guajardo)

Author Alfred Guajardo, Local Guide, Sacramento California

  Hello, My name is Author Alfred Guajardo, born in Loveland Colorado and raised in Sacramento California and I'm a local guide in the G...