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Thursday, February 27, 2020

A King Kong of an Officer Arrests and Handcuffs a 6 year old Child, Such a Robotic and Heartless Act !

A minor situation that spiraled out of control like a runaway train, Really touched my heart in an unsettling way, There's no telling how long that traumatizing experience is going to effect a 6 year old child ? If not for the rest of her life, Hopefully justice will take it's course to discourage this unprofessional, inhuman, heartless and barbaric like behavior by our Police forces.(lack of training on how to handle children) And I also couldn't understand why the officer didn't try to comfort her by hugging or talking to her ? He just seemed to handcuff and arrest her like he would've a drug dealer ! The officer acted robotic and heartless a far cry from a passionate human ! (Author Alfred Guajardo) #Outofcontrol #LackofTraining #HeartlessandRobotic #6YearOldChild #LikeaDrugDealer #Unprofessional #HandcuffedandArrested

Below you'll see a clear view of what I was talking about in the above post, Such a Heart Wrenching Video ! That brought tears to my eyes !

Sorry young one you're under arrest, I know and understand that you're only 6 years old but the law is the law ! Don't worry we'll  give you one phone call, So you better call a Good Criminal Attorney, And If you can't afford one the courts will appoint you a Public Defender, "Good Luck" !

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