Wednesday, April 13, 2022, Shanetta Black, Salesperson from Heaven (DiscountMugs)

To Who It May Concern;

  Wanted to let you all know that when ordering 750 drawn string tote bags from branders  by phone, That Shanetta Black (BR85761) was the sales  rep on the line that helped me as I get a little nervous when ordering over the phone she was so patience and helpful with me as she made me feel so relaxed, that I was actually  started laughing when ordering which I seldom do yes she's  like a salesperson sent from Heaven no doubt she is an asset for  and I will be a repeat customer, Thanks to Shanetta Black (BR85761) For professional service when ordering  promo marketing items like Draw string tote bags, Ink pens, Hats, Back packs, Drink ware, Apparel, to many to list. Just click on link and see for yourself and ask for Shanetta Black or just give her a call at (844) 806-1306 ,
Alfred Guajardo
Al the Green Rain Train
Five stars out of Five,   for Shanetta Black
The Above post has been sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train"
An environmental book for children , and a learning experience for all
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