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Monday, March 10, 2014

"ATTENTION BLOGGERS" (..increase today and.. not tom....)....

ATTENTION, BLOGGERS  !! Are you looking to drive more traffic to your site. Well here are two easy steps that will increase page views , Step one install a translate bar with languages from A to Z  (comes with blog)
 How ?? first log in to your blog, click on design, then click on add a Gadget that's right Gadget,  then scroll up to translate, located under  add a Gadget, now click on translate bar , and  don't forget to click on Save arrangement, Presto !!! you now have a translate bar from A to Z, now next app your going to install is Share buttons, like face book, twitter, pinterest.........etc. Just click on  http://www.sharethis.com/get-sharing-tools/  and follow the easy to install buttons. You now have a translate bar and share buttons, now watch your traffic increase!! today and not tomorrow, Glad to help your buddy "Al the Green Rain Train" (this app is also FREE)    http://www.sharethis.com/get-sharing-tools/#   link for share buttons

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