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"Katie Gaven" (..Amgen Tour of California, blends with a Kaleidoscope.... )

This last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Gaven a very talented and artistic persona with a friendly personality,Yes she was chosen out of six artists by Sacramento, Convention Visitors Bureau to  design and paint a mural with a Amgen Tour of California theme ( Sunday May 11-2014) blended with the city of Sacramento,and as you see from the images she is on a colourful track, with a  mural, that speaks reds, hues, and  blues, blending  Sacramento and the Amgen  Tour of California ,2014
    She also does acrylic on canvass, as her art work is shown in Placer County art shows and the greater Sacramento, region to, contact Katie Gaven, and to view more colourful,unique, and artistic works click on link below 
A Kaleidoscope of reds,hues and blues blends
Sacramento, and the Amgen Tour of California,  2014 - May 11
mural,  by Katie Gaven  https://katiekreations.shutterfly.com/
Katie Gaven,balances as she blends Sacramento, and the Amgen Tour of California
2014-May 11. Interested in a Mural or a unique acrylic on canvass, just click on link
A completed mural by Katie Gaven, nice job Katie !!
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"Food Truck Mania " (..Tahoe Park, ..Free.. Sacramento,)

It's official "Al the Green Rain Train" (environmental book for children)  will be at  "Food Truck Mania" on March 28th between 5:00 and 8:00 pm at Tahoe Park (Sac)  and yes he has 100 draw string tote bags to the first 100 kids, Freebies,  starting at 5:00pm. and keep in mind that, Food Truck Mania is every 4th Friday, March-October
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An environmental book for children and a reminder to all
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"Sheri Fink" (.. a whimsical....Little Seahorse .)

Meet Sheri Fink a whimsical and colourful author of , "The Little Sea Horse"
Her newest publication,and you are invited to her book release, which is
Saturday 22@ 2:00 p.m. contact Sheri to sign in  @
She's also the #1 International best selling and award winning children's author of these books
1,) The Little Rose
    2.) The Little Gnome
                                          3.)Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose
"Al the Green Rain Train"  LIKES !!!
And I truly believe that Sheri is a very
Inspirational Persona, to all
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branders.com (.. for Expediting my.......Christopher Samaniego..)

Thank you Christopher Samaniego from branders.com for helping
Me choose some great  eye catching colour's, I shall and will be
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And I just loved the Light fast delivery
Five Stars out of Five Stars for branders.com and

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200 plus draw string tote bags ordered from branders.com, @ a
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"Dorine Fournier" (... Kidaround in Sacramento....)

Thank you, Dorine for designing such a colourful ad for
"Al the Green Rain Train" (environmental book for Children)
For your outstanding bimonthly magazine as I like the Idea of
Reaching 60,000 readers per issue, and that It is a free publication
Your magazine is such an Inspiration to readers and writers alike,
Looking forward to your next issue, Thank you your Buddy
"Al the Green Rain Train"
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The above link is to read March-April issue on line and this
Bottom link, gives locations of your free copy

The above post was sponsored by, "Al the Green Rain Train"
Environmental book for children, and a reminder to ALL
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"Angelique Bockman" (..push with high heels and....)

Congratulations !! Angel, well done, above and beyond, yes I truly believe
That a young Lady that, jumps out of her car to help push a strangers car,
Out of harms way, that is stalled, on a freeway off ramp, with her high heels
 And freshly done up nails, is surely capable of earning a Lexus, you are
such an inspiration to your family, friends, and any one who reads this and
an excellent example of a Thousand times Plus, pay back
Love Uncle Al
contact me @
 Accounting Dept. at Weidner CA
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