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"Strathmore Middle School," (California) (Tri-Tip, by Miguel Guajardo )

We are having a Tri-Tip fundraiser-October
25, 2013. Sandwich, Chips and
Soda Pop for  $7.00
Location: Ave 196 East of
Strathmore High School, across
The  street from the car wash
All Day !!!!
Support Strathmore Middle School
Tri-Tip by
Miguel  Guajardo
The above post was sponsored by
"Al the Green Rain Train"
A children's picture book
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You'll be glad that you did, Al


Mātā pitā aura dādā dādī (aṅgrējī sē hindī)

Mātā pitā aura dādā dādī kē li'ē apanē baccē yā pōtē paricaya
Kē mādhyama sē ēka dūsarī bhāṣā, " ala grīna varṣā ṭrēna" ēka baccōṁ kī
Citra pustaka, yāda kiyā jānā ēka paryāvaraṇa sīkhanē kē anubhava aura
Ēka dūsarī bhāṣā, isa kitāba kō jānanē kē li'ē sabhī kē li'ē sarāhanā kī, isa taraha kē ēka śānadāratarīkā
Umra kē 6-9 sāla haiṁ ki baccōṁ kē li'ē darjā diyā hai

Āpakē prati klika karēṁ nīcē di'ē ga'ē liṅka para ādēśa karanē kē li'ē


"A Successful Mission" (...depends on the F....)

In order to arrive at your destination, you might want
To fuel as many angles  possible, as they can and will
Evolve into a Geometrical pattern. Feeding your source
Every now and then, then again and again, to keep the
Momentum and maximising your intentions. As a
Successful mission depends on the amount of fuel spent
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"The Painted Cork ,Sac, (..Unique and Stylish..)

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael, Kimberly and their
Son, Michael at "Chalk It Up 2013", owners of "The Painted Cork"
An art studio with an unique and stylish way to bring out your art
Talents, for the beginner or novice, yes tip and crack bread while your
Painting, (B.Y.O.B.), contact, Kimberly for further details @
Photos of Students painting's
(The above post was sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train")
Environmental book for Kids



"Sacramento Parent" (..Jen Christ Artist @ Chalk It up 2013..)

Jen It was good seeing you at Chalk It up 2013, Such a Great Job !!
Like usual, maybe I'll see you before 2014, who knows ??
Art work by Jen Christ Artist, at chalk It up 2013, Sacramento
Keep up the artistic work, your buddy "Al the Green Rain Train"
(This post was sponored by "Al the Green Rain Train")
(a children's picture book)
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"Stephanie Reyes" (..chalk It up,Sac 2013..)

I would like to Thank Stephanie Reyes ( my niece ) for applying her
Talent at Chalk It up, 2013, as she put in a few long days working on
An Illustration from "Al the Green Rain Train", and I'm sure Glad that
She beat the Rain, yes the three day event, just made it, to the beginning of
The storm, such an unique transition, that's mother nature, ?? Love Uncle Al
( Below is a sample of Stephanie's artistic talent )
(above is a sample of Stephanie's artistic, talent, )
http://cbsloc.al/1S5HVNd video for Chalk It Up
Parents and grandparents introduce your child or grandchildren to
an environmental learning experience to be remembered and
appreciated, "Al the Green Rain Train" a children's picture book
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