"East Lawn Cemetery" (American Cemetery of the...)

To Who It may Concern;
While visiting my parents at East Lawn I met Larry (Lorenzo) and we
Started a conversation, yup you guessed It , about headstones, plots,
Plaques, and funerals, what else would one talk about standing in the
Middle of a cemetery,In any case I mentioned and pointed out that my
Parents, plaque and plot would hold water during the winter months, and
When watering, he assured me that It would be taken care of, two days
Later while visiting , yes the plaque was raised and the plot re sodded !
Thank you Larry for your professionalism, consideration, and
Understanding If Larry, Is a reflection of his collegians  and
 Administration , Its a no wonder That, East Lawn is the award  
Winner of "American Cemetery of the Year"
Sincerely ; Alfred Guajardo
(East Sacramento, California)
Alfred Guajardo alspoemzone affiliate of althegreenraintrain

East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento, California
(Photo Image by Alfred Guajardo)

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