"The Ultimate in Shopping"

I truly believe the dollar tree
Has acquired two valuable assets to
Their corp. Liz N. and Mary Joe any
Establishment with customer service only
Dreams of having two team players that
Reach and step above and beyond your average
CO worker with smiles and frost only to
Help those that are lost the two have taken
Shopping to a new level Shattering the old
Cobber son and absolute chors of shopping
You will feel a sense of direction and
Comfort as they do their up most to help
You accomplish your mission in finding
Your favorite products and needs, customers
Will feel the ultimate in satisfaction and
accomplishment with smiles and respect
Unheard of in shopping yesteryear Elizabeth N.
And Mary Joe are two reasons why the dollar
Tree Has Dedicated and repeat Customers
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@MMIX

Reply mailto:%7Ccustomerservice@dollartree.com to me show details 10/22/09
Thank you Mr. Guajardo.....we will make sure Liz N. and Mary Jo are commended for a job well done!

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