Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way of "Amtrak"

Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way  of "Amtrak"
Author Alfred Guajardo, Environmental Super Hero USPTO, Helping Mother Earth bring in a "Storm"

Monday, January 04, 2010

"Time to Mend"

I had no idea mankind could be so animalistic, disrespectful
Cruel, heartless & brutal, to a couple that is deceased
Drug-crazed & sick, I only wish they had asked, such a small
Task, they would have helped fulfill a dream & had part of
The dish that was their wish a natural spiritual high for
All instead a toke & a joke along with a rope for the
Choke, a chosen path that showed their uncivilized,
Barbaric, underdeveloped & simple life style, like a
Serpent hunting for treasure, as it slithers with pleasure,
The bitches felt riches, men none such a gamble The phone,
Heated words played, a scramble, a freaky sight, like a throbbing
Black Widow that tucks in her corner, waiting content as she
Readies her seed, then makes her rounds spreading her needs,
Yes, I felt betrayed & tears for days as I don't understand
Their ways, all ties a must along with the lust as I have
No trust, heartbroken as they left their token, such a
Devilish experience, I wouldn't yen on family, friends or foe
You can take that to the pole!
Now out of their zone and in my own
I need time to men
And things to tend
Alfred Guajardo

"Don't Ask Why"

Would you like to be treated like you treated mankind
Yesterday, if the answer is yes you'll probably have
A Great Day, and if your answer is no, you might want
To rethink your philosophy in life, as when fate runs it's
Course don't ask why, It may be your turn and time for
An Urn ???


Als Poem Zone said...
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Anonymous said...

Be careful as it could happen at anytime ! Day or night, A bright moon or a foggy day, either or, Maybe to...........

Anonymous said...


Als Poem Zone said...

Be careful as it will happen when you least likely to expect it !

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