Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way of "Amtrak"

Author Alfred Guajardo enjoying his journey through time and space by way  of "Amtrak"
Author Alfred Guajardo, Environmental Super Hero USPTO, Helping Mother Earth bring in a "Storm"

Monday, January 04, 2010

"May Jane Sicat" Sacramento, "Als Poem Zone"

My heart runneth over as I sit and wait for my call
I'm not sure I could wait till fall I thank fate
As she shimmered, fell, floated, and landed like a Diamond dusted Star.
I felt a pierce of a spear as she touched my heart
As I focused a star exploded like a mature red hot spurting
Volcano sharing and spreading her smile and joy In rainbow
Fashion then a whip and a lash there were plumes, dunes
Sparks, arc's and ash with such Passion the once wild and
Dialed flames now trained and drained as as Illusion met
The light of day, she wore a blue powder tight dress Diamond
Dusted Eyes with Blue molten lava running down her shoulders
Twisting and turning toward her back, I could only sense that
Her boss oms are soft, warm Kind gentle, and caring, oh I
Felt so daring and her every movement was in rhythm with her
Heart and soul as she propelled on her ruby casters all
Wrapped in a blanket of steam emitting a soft touch yet her
Radiant eyes and smile could stop a bear with a glare I
Wouldn't dare, her odyssey preceded an outlandish flock
Picking and plucking violins and harps that touched every
Heart in sight even in blight yes my thoughts were dazed as
Calm in the air blended a feathered haze, she then slowly
Settled like an orange glowing rolling flam
ing ember
A sight I Remember
Wishful thinking, Dream or Reality

Alfred Guajardo

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She slowly settled like an 
an orange glowing rolling flaming ember

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Anonymous said...

Hi Al, long time since we have seen each other, how r you? Love my poem. Add me on Facebook.

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