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Author Alfred Guajardo concentrating while taking an unique inspirational journey through time and space, Thanks to Amtrak

Monday, January 04, 2010

"Blue Monday after Easter Sunday"

I truly believe mom has started her journey
A journey many have taken one that all will take
Yet this journey is unknown
It is said that the trails and paths
Are lined with crystal trees and the deep rings
And sings when it rains its in golden hues
And silver blues,the wind whirls thirls
And chills as it mends hearts ad heals
On the way few will know when time is near
Others hear bells and birds sing
The dark of night now retreats as Diamonds
Stretch and reach from a point and a orange
Glowing rolling flaming ember settles as its
Smothered by snow capped hats and an gust with
A rose aroma cradles and nestles three
Squalling angels in a near by vessel and
As a band of angels follow Mom stops
Looks down smiles and
Wa------aves Good Bye
Alfred Guajardo
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