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"Chalk it Up, Fremont Park  Labor Day Weekend " (2018)
I'd like to thank Monica Stark editor of Sacramento Valley Community news and assigned photographer for covering "Chalk it Up" this year 2018, She did a Great job with unique shots and an informational article about the event, Until next year Your buddy "Al the Green Rain Train", To read article and view photos click on link (East Sacramento, edition)http://www.valcomnews.com/?p=92 #EastSacramentonews #RainTrain #ChalkitUp2018 #MonicaStarkEditor #ChalkArtSacramento

Photos by Monica Stark from http://www.valcomnews.com/?p=92
Upper right hand corner is "Al the Green Rain Train" ready for take off !
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The Sad Truth about Money, Sad but T............

Just exactly what does money do to people ? ?
Money changes your demeanor, friendship, your brotherhood, sisterhood, and it even changes the way you see your parents, all of the above no longer matter, just read the paper or listen to the news, As people go to the up most extreme to get their pinkies on your monies or anyone  else's, Even if it means the worse case scenario which I won't mention, the above is sad but True believe me I know
Below is a link to one of the latest of true stories
and I can't find it in me to post links were parents
are involved, as they are the worst case scenarios
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Stephanie Reyes at "Chalk it Up", Sacramento 2018 with Al the Gr.......

"Chalk It Up", is a Labor Day event (three days), from sun up to sundown
and It attracts a kaleidoscope of artists, from abstract to self portrait all
drawn with chalk  on the walk, not to mention a unique choice of foods
from Spanish rice, barbecue, Indie, and more, you'll be enjoying all
while listening to great music, and shopping for arts and crafts that ...

the many vendors have to offer, a place for kids, teens, adults and all
Last but not least the monies raised sponsors grants and scholarships
for youth art programs, a colorful win win situation,
(Fremont Park, 16th and P Street, Sac)

Below is an Interview by Good Day Sacramento about "Chalk it Up" and Stephanie Reyes art work that she's doing about "Al the Green Rain Train"
Thank You Stephanie Reyes (Uncle Al's Niece) for doing such  professional chalk art of "Al the Green Rain Train"

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