"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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Here are two five star reviews submitted to authorhouse.com about "Al the Green Rain Train"
Five being the best, I rate this book a 5. Here is why: Even though I am an adult, this book brought out my child-like enthusiasm and excitement. I just love the way this book teaches about nature, poetry, awareness, conservation, enviornment, etc.
Jamie Lee Wilson

Outstanding, great way to teach to your children about conservation and our precious enviornment. It also makes the the adults think twice. I'm 65 and enjoyed every page.
B. Ortega

Chalk It up Sacramento 2013

book cover
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"Barnes & Noble" (..educational experience...)

Yes the very best gifts are at Barnes & Noble, Books, textbooks eBooks , Toys
Games, and "Al the Green Rain Train", yes the train that makes It rain, with
Such a refreshing educational experience , with colorful Illustrations and a
Glossary, with words, like appreciation, awareness, conservation, and more
Thank you "Barnes & Noble" and Happy Holidays !!!
(art work at chalk It up Sacramento, 2013)
Yes "Al the Green Rain Train" has a glossary


front cover
The train that makes It rain, such a refreshing and environmental
Learning experience , a learning experience to be remembered and


"Amazon.com" (The train that makes It Rain )

Yes "Al the Green Rain Train" will fill a lake, make a tornado, and at times
He'll  put to much rain in one place !! that's called a Torrential down pour. And Thank you Amazon for listing "Al the Green Rain Train"
(torrential down pour)
Yes "Al the Green Rain Train"  has a glossary

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( front cover )
Environmental learning experience, to be remembered and
Appreciated !! a children's picture book, please read reviews
To make book purchase or to read reviews click on link, "Al the Green Rain Train" is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars (36)
( art work at Chalk  It up Sacramento, 2013 )
Such a refreshing and educational experience, with colorful Illustrations
and a glossary, with words like appreciation, conservation, awareness,
and more, a learning experience to be remembered and appreciated