"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Victoria" (..Ultimate Angel...)

She put herself in harms way, to save her students, Yes few
Knew that a precious Angel was among us, she'll now spend
Her life in Eternity, watching, caring and comforting, Mankind
No doubt, she'll be Greatly missed !! Yet we'll be Blessed again
Within our well being, Heart, Soul and Spirit,
(Sandy Hook Elementary School)
Alfred Guajardo


"Light Fast" ( ...rocks and Grips...)

An IN-plosion, explosion that rocks and grips the World, like
A Gargantuan Octopus with glowing and growing tentacles,  with
 No  end insight !! making Life, Light Fast, like a menagerie of
Asteroids, coming and going, I ask where's the touch and warmth ??
Last but not least, will mankind survive our current Phenomenal ??
Alfred Guajardo alspoemzone affiliate of althegreenraintrain


"Remove Permanent Marker" (Rain Train...)

How to remove Permanent Marker from everything!
Clothes –Hand Sanitizer.
Walls –Toothpaste or Hairspray.
Carpet –White Vinegar.
Wood –Rubbing Alcohol.
... Leather - Apply a product high in alcohol content,
 but not straight alcohol, as this will rub out the
color on your leather, onto a soft, clean, white towel.
 Sunscreen lotion and Bath and Body Spray have been known to work.
"Al the Green Rain Train" is willing to help whenever He Can !!!


"Cornelia G. Becker" (Just because....)

I'm dedicating the back round of my blog to Cornelia
G. Becker for a few days just because !!!! I think she