"Price Gouging " (Sacramento Bee ...)

To who It may concern: Picking up the Bee  Thanksgiving Day, It weighed a ton, then some
as It had enough sails to launch the U.S. Fleet, not to mention the Nina,Tina and Santa Maria, there's no doubt in my mind, that the Merchants were charged a Holiday Taxation,  only  because of the realisation, my point is that the Bee cost me 2.00 plus tax, on Thanks Giving Day,  now if that isn't price Gouging,  I'm not sure what Is?  Print this One ??
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" Finer Breath" (...your last...)

Art and Beauty can be daring yet soothing,
Enjoy your last, and finer breath of air
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"Rita Hubbard" (Picture Book Depot...)

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Hi There,
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30 words or less (Al the Green Rain Train)

A  environment learning experience to be remembered and
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Or intermediate  reader, learning to use a Glossary !!
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"A Natural environment" (...Rain Train...)

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"Well ?? (such a Great...?)

Such a Great Idea !!! Love , " Al the Green Rain Train"
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WARNING + RARE BOOK (...Genuine...)

Alfred Guajardo Renae; I'd like to thank you and your daughter, for doing such a great job on the video, Cheers !!! and may "Al the Green Rain Train be one of the many books your children read and
Enjoy , best of wishes on their never ending educational journey,  your buddy "Al the Green Rain Train"

  • By Renae Christine You're very welcome Al. It's a fab book. I put in the video that I wasn't paid for the review so I hope people know that it's a genuine review.

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