"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"U.S., Google, and abroad"

I’d like to thank  U.S., Google, and abroad for
Making Als Poem Zone, a Strong and successful
Blog an International feeling, all possible
With a Global team, again I thank you all
So  very much, Al


Sunhills Community Church (El Dorado Hills)

Sunhills Community Church, seemed to be on
A mission at Cesar's Chavez park, not only did
They serve a meal to those in need, but engaged in
Casual conversation, to those needing a positive
Up beat in life, and as they departed their crew
Policed the area of debris, a relief and helping
Hand to the City of Sacramento no doubt above
And beyond an average mission, which equates to
A Win, Win, Win situation many Golden Thank yous
To Sunhills Community Church


"Help not Kelp" (Internet corp.)

When a consumer  doesn't conform to a giant corporations
 In mature pressure tactics (sales) at times he or she is slam ed
And nailed to a cross, a very childish and selfish act for a
A professional corp. as I think they need help and not kelp
I'm not that big, but I''m going to write while you dig, and I
Say lets call it a truce, and reintroduce, "Als Poem Zone"


"Engulfed in Fog"

Daring and fearless as he motored side to side on thin ice
To pluck or truck one to a port in a storm
He now scoots  gingerly in his Odyssey
As his feet are engulfed in fog
Every now and then he'll cease and stand
As he reaches with his hand