"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Kaleidoscope of Happiness"

Wake up,reach out and give life's
Pinwheel a spin, It can be colorful
Or as dull as a weathered leaf, feeling
Despair, spin again till you reach a
Kaleidoscope of Happiness
(Dedicated to ALL)


"Daniel Guajardo Jr."

Congratulations on your recent accomplishments
No doubt a reflection of your personality and
Character, Best of wishes in you future decisions


Invisible ILL Force?

As he awakes hes confronted and confused by a stone

Wall that was mysteriously constructed overnight
Like a invisible Ill force facing his bed, he struggles
With his first steps a major breakthrough in the
Morning,As the next steps become easier, then
Out the door, he now feels Great, and he doesn't
Let that short Major journey bother him,yet he
Can't help but to wonder Why?was it a test ?or
Just time to rest? In any case he continues the start
Of a Great Day!


"Irma Guajardo" (Strathmore Cal)

I'd like to thank Irma Guajardo for helping me
Post my first poems, In turn I started Als Poem Zone
Again many Golden Thank Yous from a successful
Blog,  Als Poem Zone,


"Right to Life"

Secluded and Sealed from the outside world
Like being in a dark moulded cave
With a crust that denounces light and life
With  a fight he plucks and pecks for
His Right to Life


"Monopoly is Not a Game"

From an airplane everything seems so realistic
You'll notice people buying Broadways,Roadways,
And Parkways and people lined up at court paying
Fines Remember not to Monopolize or you might be
Brutalized and don't take a chance and play it as a
Game or you might be driven to shame make sure
You listen and read the directions thoroughly so when
You start on go you should move as smooth and clear
As a cool summer breeze Good luck and I'll see you
At the End , Al


"Heart, Soul and Spirit"

As he thanked the lord for a sound and
Meaningful day, he prayed for everyone
He knew not forgetting the ones he didn't
Know that all would have a warm peaceful
Night with no hunger in sight, he knows his
Prayers are like a paper fin, yet able to 
Fill the tin  as he prayed it was from his Heart
Soul and Spirit with every verse again he thanks
The Lord so very much


"Laura" (.....Artistic touch)

I wrote about the Moon ( "Inspirational" ) Its only right
That I mention one of its many counterparts,  Saturn
Thanks  to Laura   I was able to really notice how
Beautiful Its ring is,circling its planet  such a unique
Tattoo on her forearm thank you for sharing an artistic touch