"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Sound And Logical"

When two sit and talk
The air needs to be clear
And the rumble to stop
In order to see and hear
Until then a sound and logical decision
Cannot be made


"The Pendulum" (..slower then lower..)

As you walk and step over
Tears seem to roll by and around Death
Yet it lingers in the air Like a blanket of fog
Draped and commingled within your heart and soul
As you watch , the pendulum sways
Slower, Slower then Lower and Lower
A Stale and Ghostly Feeling

"Gain For All"

He wanted to light a candle
To calm the present and enlighten the future
His efforts were fruitless time and time again
Yet a gain in life for all


"His Wish"

A hook or twist
Is in the flick of the wrist
Has he lost it
As he stares in the sky
His heart cries
At times he wishes his die


"Eviction Notice" (...official officiater...)

I would like it to be known that
I'm not the one that determines a eviction
The choice belongs to the tenant
He or she has decided that they would like
To be evicted, A decision that was made
Solely by the tenant, I'm the one that
Confirms it by law with official documents
And proceedings This is dedicated to all my
Evicted Tenants, Sincerely The Official Officiator
Alfred Guajardo

"Mysterious Experience"

I started singing a song I never heard, Yet I wrote it
And I practice singing it, a very unusual yet sirius experience
I'll keep at it, so it goes, The title is_____________
And I think I'll sing it on Youtube ,and make a fool
Of myself It won't be the first time and I have a feeling
It won't be the last , yes I truly believe that
Thank you


"Style and Smile"

A half smile and tear
As he walks with a wane
His style for years
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzonemmx


In The Mix

If one goes against the grain
You won't be the same
Yet your in the mix
Alfred Guajardo


Interpretation is in the voice of the speaker
Alfred Guajardo


"Golden Destination"

You would have to go thru life
Experiences you wouldn't wish your
Worst enemy yes Sir
You better believe it


"Devil Red Adair" ( 1915--2004 )

We sit and stare
And wonder how?
The Devil Red Adair
Would Stand With glare
Admitting its a Bear
Yet winning Tooth, Nail, and Hair
With no blood to spare
I ask were the Hell
 The Devil Red Adair?
Fair well to a Hellfighther
Mary Adair  said...
That is so cool! You are very talented.
Mary Adair


"Sacramento Poetry Center"

Sophistication in the air
I know I was there
Not even a mumble
Afraid I'd stumble
Introduced I felt comfort and loose
I then felt I could have
Delivered a Golden Goose
Thank you Bob Stanley


"Out of Bounds"

One that severs positive ties
Not of sound mind
within natural parameters


"Oil Spills,Big Money Deals"

Oil spills ,Big Money Deals and
Retro waste we don't want to taste
We tuck it in natures pockets
As we shoot rockets
How much longer will are Earth last
As we sit and think of our LAST BLAST!
Als Poem Zone