Friday, May 27, 2022

Steps, Author Alfred Guajardo takes to write and post a Poem

 At times I'll go into a zone maybe a dimensional circle or deep Meditation possibly a trance and start walking, talking or writing, MY thoughts and ideas will melt and blend together bonding as a Whole like 100 drops of different colors in a jar, I'll shake And mix it in an ink-well, It's then applied on paper with minor changes, Yes I now truly believe its ready to post and possibly a good roast? 

 (Author Alfred Guajardo)

Author Alfred Guajardo, taking a trip through time with the help of Amtrak, Such an inspirational and relaxing experience

An Inspirational start right from the beginning, Thank You 


Author Alfred Guajardo, answering questions from the Students and the Press

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Als Poem Zone said...

Testing one Two Three.........

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