Environmental Super Hero USPTO

Environmental Super Hero USPTO
Author Alfred Guajardo, Taking the Bull by the horns in front of the "Blue Ox" Sacramento

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DoomsDay is closer than one Might Think, My prediction is...........

Well here's my prediction of when It will start hopefully I'm wrong
and these numbers are all facts and figures starting with the date of the
Eclipse , and the numbers below will verify my prediction please feel free to
double check me,  the big Day is 8-21-17
08-21  Month and day of Eclipse
02017 year
02838 is the sum which = Flights, arrivals and departures
    045 =  That Trump is the 45th President of the United States 
02883=  Department of Defense Housing Fund (code 2883)
010:16 = The start of the Solar Eclipse,  P.T.
03899= Information and statistics in Nuclear Experiment and Theory (Journal of Physics
          G;Nuclear  and particle Physics)
00100= One hour and 40 minutes  into the Solar Eclipse
03999 = and the total sum which is 3999 Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation SCPs 3000 to 3999
               and here's the link Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation SCPs 3000 to 3999
              And I wanted to put more information in this post , but I was RED Flagged , but If you Google the numbers with the information I have posted  you will see that these numbers are right and Correct I hope that I'm wrong and remember that all this is a prediction and prediction only a prediction of maybe one of the worse things that can possibly  happen, Al
And the Date is 8-21-17


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