" Soupy Sales takes over 19,000 pies, Kevin Johnson (Mayor of Sacramento) takes his first "

Soupy Sales (1926-2009)
A  Slapstick #comedian that brought laughter through out the 60's 70's and into the 21st Century #famous for taking a pie in the #face, over 18,00 times an expert in #cream pies  once called as a expert defense #witness saying taking a #pie in the face is harmless and is designed to relieve tension and #frustration (Soupy Sales) http://legalblogwatch.typepad.com/legal_blog_watch/2009/10/soupy-sales-expert-witness.html
Soupy Sales takes another one
 Kevin Johnson getting ready for his first pie........... click on link

 Sean Thompson After Pie was thrown dressed in orange making his one
 and only phone call for bail ?
Kevin Johnson Mayor of Sacramento After pie was thrown
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Vault lighting on Sidewalks with a Brass Triangle Luxfer Marker

Have you noticed the #sidewalks in #Sacramento in some parts they have what you call #Vault Lights that they had back in early 1900s , which were used as light for the basements with a brass triangle #Luxfer #sidewalk marker in the #Downtown Sacramento  area, Thank You Mary Popa for your question click on link for more information and Thank You for the #Great image   http://glassian.org/Prism/Gallery/Sacramento/index.html
Mystery Solved  
This Image was taken by Mary Popa (Downtown Sacramento) Sept. 1-2016
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