"Tahoe Colonial Collaborative" (...Very Sadden.. )

To Who It May Concern;

My name is Alfred Guajardo, and I was Sadden to hear that TCC (Tahoe Colonial Collaborative )
was closing, as this was the very place that I learn ed to use a computer, and as a result, I published "Al the Green Rain", A children's picture book, as the friendly staff guided, me through the Internet which included, Kelly,Laura,Claudia,  and Sara, and yes I feel Sadden that others aren't able to have the same opportunity as I had, a thousand Thank Yous for positive memories and learning experiences, I shall and will march on , with the fuel and Knowledge that was given me at Tahoe Colonial Collaborative

Sincerely; Your Buddy
Al the Green Rain Train
Alfred Guajardo
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"Mrs. Lopez and Students" (Strathmore, High School-Spartans, Ca. )

Mrs. Lopez and Students:

I'd like to Thank you and your class, for giving me (Al the Green Rain Train)
 an opportunity, to present,  an unique presentation, to a class that was mature and
Attentive, hopefully I have helped all, In seeing a children's picture book, from
A different perspective, and I wish each and everyone good things in the future

Sincerely; Your Buddy
"Al the Green Rain Train"
Alfred Guajardo
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Al's Poem Zone: "Brenda Keen" (Village Drive Inn,Sac)

Al's Poem Zone: "Brenda Keen" (Village Drive Inn,Sac):   Below is a Thank you note from Brenda Keen (January 29-014)   ----------------------------------------------------------------...

"Brenda Keen" (Village Drive Inn,Sac)

(photo of Brenda Keen)
Below is a Thank you note from Brenda Keen
(January 29-014)
My son and I met you last night at the Village Drive In. Before we got ready to leave, you gave my son a book and wrote a special caption in it just for him, Thank you. Congrats on your book and thank you for writing a book geared towards goodwill and community.
(reply by Alfred Guajardo (author of "Al the Green Rain Train")
Brenda, Thank you so much for the nice Thank you note, as notes like
yours is what keeps "Al the Green Rain #Train" fuel ed and going,
I really hope your son enjoys reading his new environmental book,
Sincerely; "Al the Green Rain Train" (Alfred Guajardo,author )
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An environmental book for children

Al the Green Rain Train and Facebook

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