"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Tahoe Park resident releases Children's Book" (...with environmental pu....)

Tahoe Park resident releases children's book with environmental
Purpose. I'd like to Thank Monica Stark, editor of Sacramento,
Valley Community newspaper, for writing such a great and informative,
Interview, about " Al the Green Rain Train" and his purpose !!
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"Al the Green Rain Train"
can be purchased at amazon, or just click on to read reviews.


"Conservation for Our Little Ones" (..posted on junglee.com...children's picture book..)

The following five star  review is written by Nanay , which is posted on junglee.com
Along with a couple of more, about "Al the Green Rain Train" a children's picture book

This is a beautiful and informative book that will help our
children better understand issues around conservation, My
grandson Loved It !!! Thank you, Alx
(Thank you so much, Nanay, for sharing your review)
Format;  Kindle edition
April 2013 on  junglee.com
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4.7 out of 5.00
( art work at Chalk it Up Sacramento 2013 )
The train that makes It rain, such a refreshing, educational, and
Environmental learning experience, with colorful Illustrations, and
A glossary with words like appreciation, conservation, awareness
And More



"Angus &Robertson" (..proudly Australian....Free delivery....)

Yes another book supplier, in Australia, "Angus & Robertson" I Thank
You for making "Al the Green Rain Train available in Australia, and the
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"Al the Green Rain Train"
(a children's picture book)


"Linda Pohl" (..It was a pleasure !!, www.valcomnews.com )

To Whom It May Concern;
I would like It to be known, that It was a pleasure doing business with
Linda Pohl, an advertising executive for East Sacramento News
(www.valcomnews.com). From the time that I had decided to advertise with
Her paper, she had my ad designed by one of her graphic artist, in just under
One hour, and ready to print, free of charge !!. Yes It is good to know that
One has a team that's ready to mobilise when It comes to advertising
Sincerely your buddy;
"Al the Green Rain Train"
a children's picture book
Alfred Guajardo
(front cover )
This post was sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train"
a children's picture book
such a refreshing and educational experience, with the train
That makes It rain, with colorful Illustrations and a glossary
A learning experience to be remembered and appreciated