"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Google Won !!!' (test taken by...)

Google It
GOOGLE  WON 3 TO 1,  SO   gOogle It !!
Test was taken on 9-29-12 @11:40am by
alfred guajardo@alspoemzone affiliate of althegreenraintrain
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"The Wink Family, Sac" (...dark of..)

The Wink family, with an never ending life
Cycle, chasing the Dark of Night, with  no
End  insight !!!
Images  of  the  Wink Family


Romney or Obama?? (...politico analyse Al)

I was going to vote for the candidate that throws the least
Amount of tomatoes, and if one throws a frozen snow
Ball, he will automatically be disqualified, and if the opposing
Camp, retaliates with a frozen ball, they will also be disqualified
As both camps are now disqualified, in my opinion, it now goes
To a flip of a coin, Question? does heads or tales win or two out
Of three win? the latter seems more reasonable, and Democratic


"Kate and Will" (photos..)

I would like to know where their Royal secret service
Protection was? or was it an inside job? in either case, If
  I were head of security,  Bloody heads would be  rolling !!!

"Our Fan of The Week" (authorhouse...)

Our fan of the week is... Alfred Guajardo! Congratulations.
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"At First Light" (...to bestow)

As he sparred with his ink filled
Pen, a Glow subdues to a write, like
An eel attacking his prey,
 A  glow to bestow


"Sacramento Ballet" (Jen Christ, Artist)

Image of Jen Christ-Artist                                                        Sacramento Ballet
Chalk It up Sacramento, 2012 art work by Jen Christ,
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone affiliat of althegreenraintrain

"Chalk It Up, Sacramento " (Art work by Mara, 2012)

Art Work by Mara and her assistant at chalk It up Sacramento 2012 , such
A great job, "Al the Green Rain Train" Thanks you so much

"Lorenzo Guajardo" (Get Well...)

I'l Like to Thank Jen Chirst Artist for helping on the message
L.G.:  You're  almost there, give It one more last push then Hang'm Up
Love brother Al
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone affiliate of althergreenraintrain
(Square # 137)