"Because It's My Own"

I sat and watched an eclipse of love
Like a pair of doves
I yelled whistled even spread seed
Not a stop or a stare
Again the sun hit my eyes with a glare
I felt like a drone
Yet I was able to write this poem
I can cherish,Love and hold dear
Because it's my own

Alfred Guajardo



"See or Hear" (would like...)

Breathe in then breathe out, a unique creative project, one
That you would like to share, or something one would
Like to see or hear, as it makes Life more enjoyable for
Yourself, and the people around you
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone.com affiliate of althegreenraintrain.com


"No Dream, Shall Be Left Behind" (...or bought)

We all have a Dream some are more difficult in
Reaching reality, nevertheless we all have a Dream
Lets help one and other, reach our goal, in turn you'll
Be helped in your Dream, It can be difficult yet not
Impossible, lets reach out with a warm helping hand,
Your reward cannot be taken or bought!
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone affiliate of althegreenraintrain


"Parents and Grandparents" (..and appreciated)

Parents and Grandparents Introduce your child or
Grand children to a environmental learning experience
To be remembered, and appreciated "Al The Green
Rain Train" a children's picture book
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone.com affiliate of althegreenraintrain


"Brother from Another Planet" (Positive...)

"Al The Green Rain Train" makes friends with a Brother
From another Planet and both agree on positive festivities
On Mother Earth, Yes another Green link to an never ending
Train, Thank you Brother from another Planet,  Al


"His New World" (Darkest of dark fueled....)

As the fog slowly drifted, dark of night
Set, not an ember insight, as the darkest
Of dark fuel ed his courage he scoots and
touches his way like an Infant in a womb
Ready to see and feel his New World

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