Environmental Super Hero USPTO

Environmental Super Hero USPTO
Author Alfred Guajardo, Taking the Bull by the horns in front of the "Blue Ox" Sacramento

Monday, June 11, 2012

"Al The Green Rain Train" (Average Customer...)


By Alfred Guajardo
This book is about a Green vintage locomotive cartoon character  that spreads his goodwill with mother nature’s wonders, like constructing a Rainbow, filling a lake, making a tornado and more as most is written in a poetic and educational form, not only structured for a beginner while being peppered with rhymes, chimes and colorful Illustrations, but for an advanced reader as well, that will enjoy the definitions for each illustration, as he or she thumbs through the glossary, looking up words like appreciation, conservation, awareness, tornado and more. A learning experience to be remembered and appreciated, may this book be one of the many your child reads and enjoys.
FORMAT: Softcover

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