"Google,Blogger and Many Country's"

I'd Like to thank Google and Blogger for making Als Poem Zone
 available World Wide an International feeling and of course I'd
 Like to Thank the following
United States
United Kingdom,Japan,Romania,Sri Lanka,Macau
Serbia,Vietnam,Hong Kong,South Korea,Belarus,Cambodia
Malaysia,Netherlands,Poland,,Moldova,Finland,South Africa, Australia,Ecuador,Honduras,Ukraine,Thailand,China,Oman,India
Czech Republic,,South America,,Morocco,United Arab Emirates,Thailand

The above mentioned country's have made Als Poem Zone
 a successful Blog, now that I have you all together It would
be nice if we stayed together, that said I wish each and every
one a Happy Prosperous and Peaceful New Year Thank you

I'd also like it to be known that the above mentioned information was taken
from my Stat Sheet If your country was not mentioned PLEASE SUBMIT
IT IN COMMENTS and it shall and will be POSTED   THANK YOU

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