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Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Buried Alive" (Chile Miners)

Buried 2,300 Feet under a possibly That 30 plus miners knew
might happen yet day after day night after night they would
Submerge themselves deep into mother earth to harvest mankind's
Carvings and in return it would be weeks maybe months before
They are rescued thru emergency shafts and tunnels, my heart
and prayers go out to their family's and all miners trapped below
I also hope and pray that Government officials will recognize that
Some mining company's have substandard safety procedures and
Step in to make sure that they are revamped to the highest safety
Standards imaginable with constant inspection a small price to
Save an indefinite number of today's Heroes for Tomorrow
(Dedicated to the 30 plus miners buried in chile)
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone

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