"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Waiting For His Call"

He sits and prays thanking the Lord
For the meal he had today and for
Yesterday, the one he had with no sorrow
Hoping and praying for the same tomorrow
He feels hes ready for his journey
He prays and asks where and when
Yes he'll toil as he feels loyal and as he waits
He stands tall waiting for his call

" Who is John Scott "

Who is John Scott? A person that is 73 Years young
With questionable methods and techniques yet without
A doubt clear and effective, a Entrepreneur  from Southern California
that's displaying If I can succeed in my Journey, there's no reason why your
Not able to,an Interesting and Inspirational Persona
Now You Know Who John Scott Is


"Vangie Rich"

Thank you for the inspirational conversation
Such a refreshing experience, as to talking
To one on the same spectrum very informative
In such a short time frame, That said,
I'd like to wish you and your family
Good things in the future


"Bowling Ball Shots"

A shot of liqueur from a thumb hole of a bowling ball
Very unique yet some think it stinks Ken Johnson
Brings publicity to the Buffalo Bills,and as you stand
In line he will fix you and the lame getting you ready
For the game Yes IDs are checked and you won't be
Forced as he stands tall serving from a bowling ball
Were not sure if hes breaking the law, Yet he was
Told to put a cork on the ball, May be next year he'll
be serving shots from a bowling pin and theres no doubt
In my mind that nobody will be in Line


"Together Again"

My name is Alfred Guajardo and
I'm from a family of eight
Being the fourth oldest with two older
Brothers and one older sister two younger
Sisters and two younger brothers yes both
Our parents passed cancer being the
cause both unexpected deaths in our family
Such a tragic and devastating experience in
Our life's saying they are greatly missed is a
Under statement one day in the future and
Theres no doubt in my mind we will all be
A Loving Family Together Again


"Silver Flower"

As she made her way
She thanked the Lord
And wished all a Silver Flower Day
(Dedicated to Karen,Central Library)


"Cancer Survival Park"

A mission on a circle of survival
With obstacles and a maze to exit
Determination and sheer will power can and will
Put a unfortunate and surprised start
Into submission if not considered cured
Your smile and tears of joy
Will be signatures of a
Completed Odyssey


"Hard to Believe" (Chile Miners)

I find it hard to believe that
The trapped miners personal lives
Are being Paraded in a circus like
Atmosphere Lets let it rest and


"Thanking the Lord"

As he Closes the day
He crawls into his cave
Praying for everyone and himself
Thanking the Lord for a Great Day
Feeling content he made it with no sorrow
Hoping and praying for the same tomorrow


"Buried Alive" (Chile Miners)

Buried 2,300 Feet under a possibly That 30 plus miners knew
might happen yet day after day night after night they would
Submerge themselves deep into mother earth to harvest mankind's
Carvings and in return it would be weeks maybe months before
They are rescued thru emergency shafts and tunnels, my heart
and prayers go out to their family's and all miners trapped below
I also hope and pray that Government officials will recognize that
Some mining company's have substandard safety procedures and
Step in to make sure that they are revamped to the highest safety
Standards imaginable with constant inspection a small price to
Save an indefinite number of today's Heroes for Tomorrow
(Dedicated to the 30 plus miners burried in chile)
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone


"Refracted Light"

As the dark of night set
I heard footsteps echoing louder and louder
Was it a ghost or my host
I drew a cold sweat and started to repent
When I noticed and felt a Refracted light
I knew everything was going to be alright