"The Internet" (.....Hard to Understand)

What I don't understand is when I write
Something positive, sound and meaningful then
Mention Als Poem zone at times its kicked out
As its considered spam yet when Jos'e Garcia
Smith Johnson 3erd writes that S.O.B should
Be shot between the eyes with a sawed off shot gun
its accepted and plastered all over the Internet
An over Exaggerated example yet true hard to
Understand Als Poem Zone



He felt like a tumble weed
Yet hes moving and not standing still
Going places hes never been
And having feelings he never felt
Life experiences you'll need
Before you plant your seed



"Matthew" (Corner stone for...)

I would like to thank my son
Matthew for being such a mature
Understanding Young adult in his
Teen years a corner stone for a
Major foundation in Life
(Dedicated to my son Matthew)


Some are dark and deep with a skew
Others with a slight twist and bevel yet level

Lulu.com (Poetry.com)

I wouldn't recommend Lulu If it was the only
Recommendation I had as they Run their
Organization very unprofessional they lost
A lot of my poems they give credit to anonymous
and they don't reply my e mails a group of middle
School students can do a better job of serving thier clients
Als Poem Zone



"To Who It May Concern"

I'll make a decision from my
Better judgement,I don't want to
Take a chance from permanently scaring
My emotional and mental well being as
I have been thru negative experiences
In life as it is

"Home Baked Loafs"

Rolls of trees in groves
Crystal blue with orange Hues
Like Home baked loafs
Nice, firm and blue
(Dedicated to Lopez Citrus)


"A fish In The Sky"

I want these poems to stand alone
Like catching a fish in the sky
With your Eye and to flow smooth
like racing around the world by way
Of clouds nice, quiet and not loud
(Dedicated to Mick and Erma)


"Juan Manuel, Guajardo (J Man)

He flew over ramps at high amps
As He wanted to fly like a wizard
Just to make dust like a lizard
(Dedicated to Juan Manuel Guajardo)
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Juan Manuel Guajardo,  makes a better baker then a stunt person


Thinking it was going to be
Another boring train ride
It was so pleasurable
What a surprise for his hide
He forgot to get off and kept going
Thank you for another
Unique experience in Life
(Dedicated to Alex)


"Abby Sunderland"

She'll be trashed and bashed, being a
Lady she won't whip and lash back as
She will not be distracted as she
Continues to march and sail forward, to
Other unique and forgien waters, she'll then
Pass her Top Rate Trait to the next generation
(Dedicated to Abby Sunderland)


"Wild Eyes and Abby Sunderland"

Wild Eyes could not keep up with
The Dream you had in your eyes as
The future is unforeseen, not only
Do I wish you the best of luck
Then some, but my thoughts and prayers
Are with you , in your future endeavors
From my heart ,soul and spirit
(Dedicated to Wild Eyes and Abby Sunderland)

"A Major Task"

The wind hits your face as you think
Drying up the tears that stream
And your wishing and asking is this a dream
As you sit and wait, fate runs its course
What more can one ask
As this scenario has been a major task
May the Almighty help with Happiness
For everyone involved


"Tuff to Imagine" (I thank the Almighty for....)

I want to thank the Almighty for
Helping me channel my anger, frustrations
And emotional state of mind towards
A positive and meaningful manor
With these poems and writings which has
Helped me travel to the other end of
The Spectrum such a lightful experience
In Life, It has been as bright and Sirius
As one can imagine, yes I have my
Emotional moments and again I thank



Cold Headstones and Bronze Plaques
Loneliness and Sadness
Happiness and Unity
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzonemmx

"If I Were an Angel"

If I were an Angel
I could fly from the clouds to
Stop and prevent an accident
Maybe directing a person to a place
He or she can be hugged and loved
Or getting in between an argument
Preventing it from happening
Ending the day? I could inspire a
Poem or song for a young artist
Getting ready to rest? I help a
Doctor deliver a baby
Well I'm there I pull a patient
Out of a coma
And I thought Angels had it made
Now I know its 24-365
Alfred Guajardo @alspoemzonemmx


I want to come up with my own
And not be a drone
I'd like it to be like no other
That's what I do when I'm alone
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzonemmx

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