"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"The Barrow"

A wooden stock
More then an arrow
At every block
Why the barrow
Alfred Guajardo


"Blood Arrows"

As the path narrows
A distant Dome
Blood arrows
A Golden Roam
Alfred Guajardo

"Sit And Watch This Time"

Red,Blue,Yellow Flowers
Pedals wilt
Bright colors, tall towers
Does it have to rhyme
Sit and watch this time
Alfred Guajardo


"Big Blue Waits"

Dark of night smiles
With a million tears
Big Blue believes its time
As it hatched, we sit ,stare
And hold our breath
Such a beautiful birth
I watched from earth
Alfred Guajardo


"Because It's My Own"

I sat and watched an eclipse of love
Like a pair of doves
I yelled whistled even spread seed
Not a stop or a stare
Again the sun hit my eyes with a glare
I felt like a drone
Yet I was able to write this poem
I can cherish,Love and hold dear
Because it's my own
Alfred Guajardo

"Nicole Guajardo"

As clouds darkened and drifted
She spreads her wings
With grace and In sync
Of Leaps and bounds
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@alspoemzone


"What I'm Thinking"

Every now and then,then again and again
It's this that what not and the other
Which makes it
A I think so,I don't know,maybe situation
That's what I'm thinking
Alfred Guajardo


"Life,Strife and Sand"

Not sure about life
Trying to do what I can
But end up in strife
A hand full of sand
Trying to make a better life
Now a face of sand
Strife,Life and sand
Do the best you can
Alfred Guajardo


"Day in Day Out"

First thing this morning I'd like to thank

Google and Blogger for treating Al's Poem Zone

As if it were there own and the viewers who

Hopefully enjoyed a few of the poems and future

Viewers yes with more poems now without

Further ado I'd like to say that that's a team

That's not a Dream Yes I truly believe that we

Are in excellent light with pulsating thoughts

Day In Day Out

Alfred Guajardo


"Miss you Already"

I will surely miss going Home yes it was"t
The Tajmahal or a custom built loft nor was
It located in Fair Oaks yes when I left the
Job it sure felt good to say see you guys tomorrow
I'm going Home I felt fortunate to say that
And at times I took it for gran it I'm thinking
That was human nature not often did I take it
That way yet often enough To really feel the
Definition of appreciation in my heart,soul and
Spirit mixed with my life Experience's
Alfred Guajardo