"Al the Green Rain Train" An environmental book for children and a reminder to all

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"Turning Point"

A truck Load to the dump
Some of it trash Mixed
With a little burnt ash
One might be shocked
Till they rock
A mystery to most
To me its history
Alfred Guajardo


"Doesn't Make Sense"

Tiered of waiting for the bus
Just light a cigarette
Waiting for a very very
Important phone call
Just jump in the shower
Got a flat on your car pull
Over and lift your hood
Alfred Guajardo

"Tahoe Park 8th ave"

I find It hard to believe that I was the
Only person that noticed an Unusual
Amount of helicopters in the air and
A mini ground force that flashed lights
After sundown are my neighbors not
Observant or are they very very
Outstanding citizens and cooperating
With the law (fair weather) I'm not
Sure and either or any case is possible
When I part this neighbor Hood I will
take the exciting and Chancey experiences
And remembering the borders that were
Taken to the edge a once in a life time
Scenario taking a positive mental
Attitude making a sweeping turning
Point in life Yes this neighbor hood is above
And beyond your average Which makes
It a unique and grand Place to live
It was in deed
Alfred Guajardo
It was in deed


"Down On Your Luck?"

Reading the paper it stated
Three officers escort inmate at the
Eleventh hour, and Yemenia flight 626
Plunges in ocean 14 year old clings
To life in frigid waters for hours
Suffering from hypothermia with multiple
Fractures all other 152 passengers
Parish now before you sit down to tell Me
Your story park your car and don't
Forget to put money in the meter and
Grab A bite to eat Now how bad is it going
For you

Bahia Bakari- 14yrs old
June 30-09  flight #626