Environmental Super Hero USPTO

Environmental Super Hero USPTO
Author Alfred Guajardo, Taking the Bull by the horns in front of the "Blue Ox" Sacramento

Monday, January 04, 2010

"What Ever It Wings"

I met my princess very attractive
she was smart, determined and hotter then a stack pipe
It was love at first toke she was quiet none spoken at that
She would fill the room with a magical mist and grant your wish
With a slight twist and her million diamond eyes spoke of dreams
From dust with plenty of rust one might not trust
She's so bold she'll teach the young and old her big test
He's now laid  to rest, when shes around I'm a one man army
And when shes not, I'm all thumbs depressed and not rested
I've tried  to tell her to get lost just one More time when
she's not around I whine like I'm going blind and I say
she's all mine all I need is a dime and I'm happy and lappy
In a snappy, I broke her toke a decision I had to make
I let her know we had to part she now begs me to comeback
When she burns and yurns close to me I Just let her know
I'm going down another track and not turning back take that
She took me for a joy slide,ride and a glide
Along with my hide yet made me feel like rolled gold
And bold as told, a true rat that can be dequised as a princess
Queen, King, or whatever it wings she's no longer my princess
I now call her Crystal
Her Real Name

Alfred Guajardo

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