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"Humanitarian Gesture"

Walking thru the park I noticed
Two kind Loving People Handing out
Brown bag lunches, yes from their kitchen
To ones appetite such a kind generous
And humanitarian Gesture, no doubt
Their efforts are greatly appreciated
With many Golden Thank yous
(Dedicated to Santos and Debbie)
Alfred Guajardo


"Undertaker Joe" , Joe Guajardo 3erd

As we stood, I felt
My heart and soul ice
I hit the ground, as I knelt
My bodies heat, twice
With a stare, he offered
His Rum and Chum
And a Glare , I knew
My time was done
Alfred Guajardo


"The Edge"

Life is like Sitting
On the edge of a Rose
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"Blend with Pain"

Calm echos
A deflated heart cry
Beyond lasting thunder
As you gasp
Your last breaths
Tears blend with pain
Shelved like a book
They think your sane

Alfred Guajardo


Is there life after death
No one knows for sure
We know one thing
No man has lived to tell
Alfred Guajardo


"Will Call"

Miles of lines and doves above
You stand for a whisper of love
Then told sit and wait
As love comes with fate

Alfred Guajardo


"Cherish & Hold Dear"

Life should be cherished
Loved and held dear
As Dark of Death
Looms near
Alfred Guajardo

"Mystery Lining"

At times I'm with the flow
Yet every now and then
Then again and again
I'm against the grain
Where there is a lot to gain
Like a Sirius lining
Or a copper mold
With more Gold then can be told
And a story that Holds
Alfred Guajardo

"Tasty Cake,Snow Balls, and Cookies"

Stephanie Castaneda, and Jacquenette Reyes
(A Golden Thank You )


"Powerful Prayer"

A monsoon begins
Storm, slams window
Light to dark
Prayer begins
Storm subsides
Dark to light
Everyone Smiles
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@MMX

"Life Cycle"

A leaf wilts
Falls, Floats, Twirl ates
Gently lands, slowly blends
A never ending life cycle

Alfred Guajardo


"Bloom to Doom"

A flying figurine
Dark of Death trails
Natures bloom
Lives a Short Life
Alfred Guajardo


"River Boat Blues"

He heard a gent by the river vent
As the river bent and sent he lent and went
He now rests by the river Swelling
Now his dwelling
Where he heard the yelling
He stays were he grows and glows
Not high or tall like all
Nor did he test with the rest to be the best
He though he was jest
But we know he was the best
Alfred Guajardo


"Warmth,Love and Hospitalty"

Ernie and Bertha Ortega
Mick and Erma Guajardo

"Central and Colonial Heights Library"

I'd like to thank Central Library,Scott,Antonio,Neva,Colonial Heights Library,Joe,Beth,Louise,and Christina, for the smiles of help Encouragement,and Direction, All have left their mark As Al's
Poem Zone has a successful start not to mention the copiers and
Computers that can design a page to your taste,none to waste and
Books that defined Help with the fixings of Kelpp, now one can sit
Click relax and enjoy the natural love rhymes cnd chimes of our time
As Al's Poem Zone makes his appearance all possible with a Team
That's Not a Dream, Again I'd like to thank Sacramento's public library system

Alfred Guajardo


"Love Cycle"

Gold dust falls
A starr now laced with
Gold, smiles, calm in the
Air now echos a squaw
A Gem is cast, a family of
Jewels smiles,Heavenly
Clouds pass,the dark of
Night repeats,Gem dust
Flows, a Star now laced
With Gems, shimmers point to
Point, calm in the air now
Echos a toast, yes a dynasty
Smiles Together Again

Alfred Guajardo


"The Ultimate in Shopping"

I truly believe the dollar tree
Has acquired two valuable assets to
Their corp. Liz N. and Mary Joe any
Establishment with customer service only
Dreams of having two team players that
Reach and step above and beyond your average
CO worker with smiles and frost only to
Help those that are lost the two have taken
Shopping to a new level Shattering the old
Cobber son and absolute chors of shopping
You will feel a sense of direction and
Comfort as they do their up most to help
You accomplish your mission in finding
Your favorite products and needs, customers
Will feel the ultimate in satisfaction and
accomplishment with smiles and respect
Unheard of in shopping yesteryear Elizabeth N.
And Mary Joe are two reasons why the dollar
Tree Has Dedicated and repeat Customers
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@MMIX

Reply mailto:%7Ccustomerservice@dollartree.com to me show details 10/22/09
Thank you Mr. Guajardo.....we will make sure Liz N. and Mary Jo are commended for a job well done!


"A San Antonio Rose" (Joe Guajardo Sr. 1925-73)

Joe the husband of Felipa Guajardo
The both raised 5 sons and 3 daughters
Dad passed at the young Rugged and
leathered    age of 48 He brought Joy
Strength and character to our Home yes
Laughter would bounce off the walls
And out the window then Reverberate
Thru out the neighbor Hood a known
Fact and his voice could stop a platoon
Two blocks away, yet his heart was
Cast in Gold and lined in silver chances
Are you would find a unhatched dinosaur
Egg before you find another heart like
His and when he had a Roast
It was for Family, Friends and Foe

(Dedicated to the late Joe Guajardo Sr.)
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@2009
The above photo is dedicated to the Late Joe Guajardo Sr.

"Joy, Health and Peace" (Gilbert Guajardo)

The last of the Guajardos in his Generation
Has started his Journey his name is Gilbert
His family will great him with Smiles
Hugs,Love,and joy they'll be together
Again for a final Journey of eternity
They did their deed They made room to seed
And they had no druthers as each and
Everyone said bye to all others
All that are called recieves a key
To the silver laced gates of Heaven as
They toil mending hearts ,Healing pain
And putting smiles on our faces
Preparing us to start our journey
One day we'll all live in good health
Happy and surounded with peace
Those were his three wishes
Alfred Guajardo

"Lisen With Glisen"

He appeared as a creature
As he said he was a preacher
And spoke with vision
So when he chuckled he wouldn't buckel
A clear decision
A couple were joken,others shaken
With a swift poke,He broke their yoke
The first two taken Now when he speaks
And Preaches They lisen with Glisen
Alfred Guajardo


"A Magical Fix" (Colonial Heights Library, Sacto)

When they assit
You'll know there helping you
As their voice is with a coo
All with a touch of frost
Most have lost
A flick of the wrist
Comes a magical touch
Now your like a train with smiles
As they rid the wane
Alfred Guajardo


"Old School"

Resort the old fashion way
Ring a bell make a sell
Knock on the door maybe more
Get your feet on the street
Stand and chatt on the matt
Such a treat that can't be beat
Really neat now have a seat
It may be bleak
Or another Treat
Alfred Guajardo

"21st Century" (..in a daze)

A shot echos as it pierces com in the air
Like a firecracker bustin the dark of night
Helicopters, bullhorns, fleeing cars
To common a sight
He took a stroll to the park after dark
He felt a sting Like a dart as he lays in a daze
And red from a shot to the head
His family waits
Not sure if he's late nor his trait
A knock on the door brings news and more
No smiles they were dialed
We're here to inform
He was found in the park after dark
He didn't make it from the shot to the head
Sorry to say he's dead

A cruel experience in life we dread
Alfred Guajardo

(Yes we Have a Dream!!)
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"Ask Jack"

Back in the day when you
Wanted to make hay you meat
On the other side of the tracks
Just to meet Jack what a way
To make friends today I won't
Go by the tracks I might get
The Ax and not come back was
That the way to make friends
By the tracks
"Just Ask Jack"
Alfred Guajardo


"Sirius Future"

We beg forgiveness for leaving
A war torn world to a new born
We will at least get things in order
So you can see the borders
We have faith you and your team
Will leave this world the best we seen
It's not going to be easy
And at times you'll feel Queasy
Yes we have tears of Joy
You will not treat this world a toy
And when you pass the torch

I know they'll
Ace the test
Just let them know we did our Best
Alfred Guajardo

"live to See"

He snakes through the valley
With an never ending belly
He brings us food when in the mood
He swells but never yells
He'll dry yet never die
He never speaks but in a blink
He'll let us know what he thinks
Leave him be and you'll live to see
Alfred Guajardo

"To you And Others"

What do you say to the ones
That want to see you in the gutter
And when your doing good
To those that mutter
I think I'll publish a book
That's all it took
Now I can smile and say
Have a nice day
Alfred Guajardo
Copyright © 2009

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"What Do I Mean"

I walk to the park think
Write poetry even after dark
It's not strange or lame
It's quiet green and mello
So if you feel like the dark
And a little lean
Take a walk to the park
Your smile will be bright and Gleam
Good night with no steam
Now you know what I mean
Alfred Guajardo

"Blue Monday after Easter Sunday"

I truly believe mom has started her journey
A journey many have taken one that all will take
Yet this journey is unknown
It is said that the trails and paths
Are lined with crystal trees and the deep rings
And sings when it rains its in golden hues
And silver blues,the wind whirls thirls
And chills as it mends hearts ad heals
On the way few will know when time is near
Others hear bells and birds sing
The dark of night now retreats as Diamonds
Stretch and reach from a point and a orange
Glowing rolling flaming ember settles as its
Smothered by snow capped hats and an gust with
A rose aroma cradles and nestles three
Squalling angels in a near by vessel and
As a band of angels follow Mom stops
Looks down smiles and
Wa------aves Good Bye
Alfred Guajardo
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"Golden Mist"

The begining of a lunar star
Night she was as warm as flames
Aimed and tamed I felt shamed
And drained, her green dimond dusted
Eyes and powder tight dress put
Me to rest,her crew smolderd
With hues of blue and smelled of
Rue,cold and hard as dice thrown
Twice I kissed and missed as she
Hissed and left a golden mist
The ending of a lunar star night

Alfred Guajardo

"May Jane Sicat"

My heart runith over as I sit and wait for my call
I'm not sure I could wait till fall I thank fate
As she shimmered,fell,floated,and landed like a Diamond dusted
Star, I felt a pierce of a spear as she touched my heart
As I focused a star exploded like a mature red hot spurting
Volcano sharing and spreading her smile and joy In rainbow
Fashion then a whip and a lash there were plumes, dunes
Sparks, arc's and ash with such Passion the once wild and
Dialed flames now trained and drained as as Illusion met
The light of day, she wore a blue powder tight dress Diamond
Dusted Eyes with Blue molten lava running down her shoulders
Twisting and turning toward her back, I could only sense that
Her boss oms are soft, warm Kind gentle, and caring, oh I
Felt so daring and her every movement was in rhythm with her
Heart and soul as she propelled on her ruby casters all
Wrapped in a blanket of steam emitting a soft touch yet her
Radiant eyes and smile could stop a bear with a glare I
Wouldn't dare, her odyssey preceded an outlandish flock
Picking and plucking violins and harps that touched every
Heart in sight even in blight yes my thougths were dazed as
Calm in the air blended a feathered haze, she then slowly
Settled like an orange glowing rolling flaming ember
A sight I Remember
Wishful thinking, Dream or Reality
Alfred Guajardo


"With A Scream"

At times I feel like I'am
In a tunnel that's like a funnel
Were some hold others fold
You feel like a branch
Hanging by a thread
Some are pushed others jump
There was a time I dined
With a glass of wine
Now I feel tossed and lost
Like peanuts at a circus
And your offered more help
From people in mangers
Then people with wagers
Reasons why I wake
From a dream
With a Scream

Alfred Guajardo

"What Ever It Wings"

I met my princess very attractive
she was smart, determined and hotter then a stack pipe
It was love at first toke she was quiet none spoken at that
She would fill the room with a magical mist and grant your wish
With a slight twist and her million diamond eyes spoke of dreams
From dust with plenty of rust one might not trust
She's so bold she'll teach the young and old her big test
He's now laid  to rest, when shes around I'm a one man army
And when shes not, I'm all thumbs depressed and not rested
I've tried  to tell her to get lost just one More time when
she's not around I whine like I'm going blind and I say
she's all mine all I need is a dime and I'm happy and lappy
In a snappy, I broke her toke a decision I had to make
I let her know we had to part she now begs me to comeback
When she burns and yurns close to me I Just let her know
I'm going down another track and not turning back take that
She took me for a joy slide,ride and a glide
Along with my hide yet made me feel like rolled gold
And bold as told, a true rat that can be dequised as a princess
Queen, King, or whatever it wings she's no longer my princess
I now call her Crystal
Her Real Name

Alfred Guajardo

"Angora Fire" (Lake Tahoe)

A spark in the dark Made it's mark winds
Fed and larked flames now trained wild and Dialed
Trees loaded and exploded homes now charred and Marred,
Birds Flew with dew they poured water, flames got hotter,men and
Women straddled and Battled,lives were saved as
They aimed and tamed flames, the trained
And drained put flames to shame,
Now rest with the best on the side not a hide
They have pride, yet wondering where the next
Spark will make it's mark, Thank you for your
Battle,Straddle,Caring and Daring,You thought
You were jest,but we know You Are The Best!
Alfred Guajardo


"Time to Mend"

I had no idea mankind could be so animalistic, disrespectful
Cruel, heartless & brutal, to a couple that is deceased
Drug-crazed & sick, I only wish they had asked, such a small
Task, they would have helped fulfill a dream & had part of
The dish that was their wish a natural spiritual high for
All instead a toke & a joke along with a rope for the
Choke, a chosen path that showed their uncivilized,
Barbaric, underdeveloped & simple life style, like a
Serpent hunting for treasure, as it slithers with pleasure,
The bitches felt riches, men none such a gamble The phone,
Heated words played, a scramble, a freaky sight, like a throbbing
Black Widow that tucks in her corner, waiting content as she
Readies her seed, then makes her rounds spreading her needs,
Yes, I felt betrayed & tears for days as I don't understand
Their ways, all ties a must along with the lust as I have
No trust, heartbroken as they left their token, such a
Devilish experience, I wouldn't yen on family, friends or foe
You can take that to the pole!
Now out of their zone and in my own
I need time to mend
And things to tend
Alfred Guajardo

"Don't Ask Why"

Would you like to be treated like you treated mankind
Yesterday, if the answer is yes you'll probably have
A Great Day, and if your answer is no, you might want
To rethink your philosophy in life, as when fate runs it's
Course don't ask why, It may be your turn and time for
An Urn ???


Gray skies over snow laden trees,
A star shines.
Diamond born to star she beckons high above,
You're loved and missed by all.
Today she shimmers shines and smiles,
Tomorrow we'll meet again.
Alfred Guajardocopyrights@2009

"Your Dream"

In your Journey you will be far
Enought away to start a life of your own
Yet close enought to be home
Your warmth and love will never leave
It's here to stay
In your odyssey
Turn your head now and then
A reminder you don't want that play
In your peaks and valleys
We have faith, you and your crew
Will move like a lean stream
With natural steam
As our horizon rides within you
Along With Your Dream

Alfred Guajardo

"Scotty Bingham" (1923-2009) Sacramento high School Track coach)

I ran cross country, and track under
Coach Bingham 68&69 he said Al
We're going to get you ready for the
21 mile Pepsi marathon I said I don't
Know about that, yes he got me ready
And in the race I was, my brother Dan
Followed me in his 57 Chevy, and coach
Followed the team in his green Plymouth
While training under coach, he made
Me believe in my self like others
Believed in me Thank you coach
And I thank his
 family, for sharing
Such a unique experience with the
Many runners that are now

Alfred Guajardo

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"Cherish,Love and Hold Dear" (the Prince of Dark...)

Seeing Bullion as the prince of dark handed pyrite
To his followers and worshipers pockets and purses overflowed
Yet not given a link or even a think
To a chum let alone a bum
The thought of riches brought Demons,Bitches and Witches
In droves To cherish,love and hold dear little did one know
Such a ploy they were his Toy

Alfred Guajardo

"Yen For All"

My eyes and movement
Give me up
From two or three
Now a flock
Can I make it
One more block
As I stumble and scramble
To safety
Grit falls and shillings fly

Alfred Guajardo

"Dust Flys Feathers Fall"

He's east or west where ever he wants his nest
A natural from birth and he'll soar with no other
As he loves to spread his art best they have a heart
He maneuvers as smooth as a pilot on a silver carpet night
As he searches for a bloom to doom
In a shadows notice hares leave streaks of light
And flaming golden tails leap
As he churns,turns,and dives with pride
Dust flys feathers fall, it now rains and drains in red
Art in a Golden life cycle

Alfred Guajardo

"Rainbow Colored Gales" (Dedicated To Abby Sunderland)

She sits and waits at her berth
Like a nugget on a crown and a gown
Not a wrinkle or a scratch
Nor a match for any steep or fleet
As she waits a mist of light sprays
And diamond dusted clouds Rey
The deep of no other but color
Part of her reap
With rainbow colored gales
And swells she'll live to tell
She's now ready to sail
Her journey starts as smooth as a lean stream
Well pirates can only dream, her sights
Peoria, Cape Cod and the Magelica Straits
Just another log in her Blog
(Dedicated to Abby 'Sunderland Wild Eyes)
Alfred Guajardo


"Almighty Light"

I came here to cry and wanted to die
Not knowing that was a lie now I sit and
Write with all my might
Come night I'm glad not sad
Knowing everything is going to be alright
Thanks to the Almighty Light

Alfred Guajardo

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