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"Circle of confusion"

At times one feels like
He's  part of an uncontrollable
Odyssey in a circle of confusion


"Challenging Crusade"

One day all will spread their
Love as common as the air above
And smiles with endless miles a
Challenging crusade with glee that
Will set us Free



"Elk Grove Bible Church"

As I was walking passed Cesar Chavez park
I noticed a gentlemen (Jim Filkins) and a
Family Of Christians  offering hot spaghetti
Dinners To those in need of a meal from those that
Care From their heart and spirit a true mission on a
Cold Rainy and windy day from a Bible teaching Church
Alfred Guajardoalspoemzone

"Unique Interpretation"

Some are strong others weak and
 Those in need of a slight tweak
And others that will sent you into
Orbit as it searches for that different
Destination with a unique Interpretation



"EuroSunday" (Shriners Hospital, Sac)

A display of Love,Compassion and Humanities on a Sunday
After noon at the Shriner's Hospital comprised and sponsored
By a Kaleidoscope of car buffs Vintage and rare American or foreign
Not only is it a dream to reflect your talent and personality but a chance
To give a gift,visit and a smile to the less fortunate Kids in need of a
Inspirational and morale upbeat at a special time of year Christmas
All in all  It was a unique display of Love a word that says it all
(Thank you Larry Stiver for orchestrating such a unique event)
(and I'd Like to thank Mike Ritenour for a host of information)
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone


"Howard Sterns" (My Eyes Immediately...)

Reading the paper it stated Howard Sterns
500 Million contract was up and was having
Stormy Negotiations renewing a new contract
That was appreciable, I became teary and  my
Eyes Immediately swelled to the point, that I
Could no longer read,  Best of wishes, In the
Coming  years  Howard ,  Als  Poem  Zone


"Thank You All"

I'd like to wish the following a peaceful and
Prosperous New Year Natalia Alexandra
Miss Emma Love, Gerry a Known Knucklehead
Roygreenart , Bec , Matt at shadow of iris and Central Library
All  Followers of Als Poem Zone and the many visitors
That have made Als Poem Zone A successful Blog
I Thank You All So Very Much Al


"Google,Blogger and Many Country's"

I'd Like to thank Google and Blogger for making Als Poem Zone
 available World Wide an International feeling and of course I'd
 Like to Thank the following
United States
United Kingdom,Japan,Romania,Sri Lanka,Macau
Serbia,Vietnam,Hong Kong,South Korea,Belarus,Cambodia
Malaysia,Netherlands,Poland,,Moldova,Finland,South Africa, Australia,Ecuador,Honduras,Ukraine,Thailand,China,Oman,India
Czech Republic,,South America,,Morocco,United Arab Emirates,Thailand

The above mentioned country's have made Als Poem Zone
 a successful Blog, now that I have you all together It would
be nice if we stayed together, that said I wish each and every
one a Happy Prosperous and Peaceful New Year Thank you

I'd also like it to be known that the above mentioned information was taken
from my Stat Sheet If your country was not mentioned PLEASE SUBMIT
IT IN COMMENTS and it shall and will be POSTED   THANK YOU


"Not Too Late"

He'll respond to the phone or door
And he'll confront the shadow tailing him
Rather then peek over his shoulder
And step up to the plate if its not to late


"Our Last Days" (A zone thats my and...)

Towering, Radiant, and Confusing
With flashbacks from the past
We'll be in a Zone
That's my and yours
And not my own


"California Internatiional Marathon" (Heart and Gr....) 28th

As I sat and watched I had a feeling of being Foreign
One of the few times I wouldn't mind being a follower
And a auto leader room for both such a amazing thing
They started with smiles,laughter and camaraderie
As they passed mother natures surroundings mixed
With man made obstacle's, they shared water,smiles
Music and encouragement, as spectators yelled and screamed
Part of the team Each one had heart, unyielding courage and
Determination finishing with a feeling of well being Intertwined
With a sense of accomplishment Mixed with hugs and
Tears of Joy 


"Grim Reminder" (as he slowly drains to...)

He was challenged and surrounded by Demons
Being pelted with stones of his own
Each stone was a trophy
For  the year he left one in Tears
He now lays in a cesspool of his ill judgement
As he Slowly drains to hell
A Grim reminder to all


"Early Morning"

Rising the earliest will ad a Rose  Tone
To your Emotional, Mental and
Physical Well Being


"Golden Wave Sensation"(ride it till it....)

At times you'll feel a positive Roll and
Feeling, a Journey of the Unknown,
Where its going, or how Long it takes is a Mystery
It feels and looks like A Golden wave Sensation,
Yet uncertain Why question it? Ride it till it Breaks
Or dissipates, as you may Never ever experience,
Such a Unique, Emotional, Spiritual,
And Natural High in Life again

Alfred Guajardocopyrights@MMX


"Beginning to End"

He started to swab his room with light Hues and Blues
Then fused purple ,violet and red near his bed
He painted yellow hues looking more like dews
 And he had made a mark were he started an arc
As he stepped back and peered he admired
A well thought out hand painted Rainbow
With a blend from Beginning to End
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone
 For a fire rainbow to be born, cirrus clouds
 must be 20,000 feet in the air 
with sunlight from 58 degrees  


"Natalia Alexandra" (San Diego, Cal)

Good morning ,and a Good morning to you
The start of a Cup of Joe and a
Interesting breakfast conversation
Not a everyday occurrence yes such a Treat
In life, to share a few moments
With a interesting young lady
Even if she does dissipate into the fog of May
My memories shall hold and to be told
Thank you for the beginning of a Great Day
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone


"The End" (Summit Talk)

We gather and sit at our summit
And glare at each others Eyes
Our talks become warm then a spark
Fire and a blaze out of control
Not at ease we scatter leaving debris
We return adjoining hands without a glare just a stare
As we watch are tears slowly douse the flame
Are prior knowledge dissipated or headed down the drain
Mankind's ritual from time to time
Then again and again we do the same
One day this world will blend
And See The End
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone
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"Artistic Blend"

With a soft touch yet etched in stone
And a array of hues from beginning to end
Meant to be read and not said
Now  with a artistic blend
This I send in hopes you mend
(Dedicated to all in need of LOVE)
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone


"Sweet Bitter Wine"

When you taste the sweet yet bitter Wine
You know its time
You'll hear musical rhymes with Golden chimes
Soothing to your heart and soul
You'll smile and wave to all as a tear slowly falls
When you hear the beautiful chimes
Enjoy the Sweet Bitter Wine
Alfred Guajardo@alspoemzone


"Nature's Offering"

A cool breeze, warmth and heat
Blended with the rains Rhythm
Can sooth your heart and soul

"Like a Rock"

With a choice blend and a defined edge
It'll appear like a Rock, yet a tender touch
With a aroma of a Rose


"Mr. Pancake"

Its my understanding that Mr. Heriberto Rodriquez
Was relived from his job and released from his
Place of employment for serving generous portions
Of pancakes costing the state of Ohio X amount of
$, solution do a more extensive pre employment and
Thorough Back Round Check
(Dedicated to Ohio Pen and Mr. Rodriquez)


"Mo Mo's Meat Market" (58th and Broadway)

Yes another great addition to the Tahoe Park area
Mo Mo's Meat market with daily barbecued
U.S.D.A. Ribs,Tri tip, and chicken
Or purchase an assortment of meats
And barbecue during the fall or winter months
A traditional yet unique meat market


"Jacquenette Reyes" (Sac)

I thought that Jacquenette and Josh
Were so Kind,Thoughtful and Gracious for
Stepping in and saving Buster from the Eleventh Hour
Such a Compassionate Act ,not to mention
A new found friend and addition to the
Tahoe Park Area


"Tossed, Yet Not Lost ed"

As he wanders the streets and beats
He feels confused and used
Tossed like peanuts at a Zoo yet not Lost
He sees and feels signs of encouragement
Signals that fuel his forward Motion
And a voice that speaks saying
He'll win this streak Tossed and not lost ed


"Cafe Lumiere" (57th and, Broadway Sac)

 An excellent coffee and breakfast house
That serves a full tasty breakfast or sandwich
Or stop off for a freshly made lunch croissant
Top your lunch with an adult beverage ,tea or pastry
While watching the latest on one of their H.D.TV's
Not to mention their unique curbside coffee service
In a car or on a bike Served with a Smile by
Geoff, Kathryn,Andrea, or Katrina A great addition to
The Tahoe Park Area


"Flowing Down the Rockies"

At times I'm like a dry creek
Yes I can turn it on with a hose bib
But I'd rather wait and be like a Natural Stream
Flowing down  The Rockies


"Reach Out"

One needs to escape the Evil clutches
Of life, disguised as warm  tender loving hands
That have kept you captive, Reach Out
Hear, See, and feel a Surreal Life
That looms ahead


"Joe Guajardo Sr."

A San Antonio Rose that was as huge and
Sound as a floor, yet he'd fit thru the door
His personality and character would proceed
His presence, Yes his goodwill and laughter are
Greatly missed, Its hard to believe its been 37 years
(Dedicated to the Late   Joe Guajardo Sr.)
Alfred Guajardo  @alspoemzone

The above post was sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train"


"Gift of Gab"

When a gift of gab pockets ones spare change
For no sound reason
He or She has either reached a plateau
Or is heading South in Life
In return you are more worldly and your wisdom
And life experiences have Strengthened


"Strathmore Union Elementary School District"

I truly believe Miguel M. Guajardo
Equates a candidate with sheer Determination
That will reflect Dedication with fresh and
Innovative Ideas Good Luck Miguel!


"Trapped Miners" (Chile)

They been thur the Atacama Desert
Been pricked by catus and scorched by the sun
Then spent time in a well similar to Hell
As they were iced with a feeling of being diced
Now each has a turn to ride a capsule of fame
With the past present and the future flashing
Before their eyes every second and minute of the way
It feels like a ride to Heaven
And the door opens they state their name
Now questions and answers Green with Sheen
Now who's to blame
And as they brace and plant their feet
They ready for an unknown week


"Victor Perez"

A Hero, good Samaritan, Outstanding Citizen
Or a Compassionate Human with feelings and
Emotions that recognized a negative situation
And stepped in to keep it from escalating,In
Return rescuing an abducted 8 year old from
Further harm, my prayers and heart goes out
To her (Mary Doe) and her family and hopefully
In due time her negative emotional and mental scars
Dissipate in thin air and yes I believe that Victor Perez
Should be acknowledged and recognized as one that
Stepped in and became involved Way to go Victor!


"Miguel M. Guajardo"

Congratulations! for showing Interest
In Strathmore's Elementary School Board
As there is no doubt in my mind that your
Determination and perseverance will be
A reflection of your dedication and Integrity
On the board, That said
I wish you all the luck then some
In your Political Endeavors


"Warmth and Love"

The lush of greenery will bring
The lure of bare skin
With the aroma of warmth and love


"Lavender to Tan"

Her personality and demeanor would change
Like a Brazilian Camel eon
From Lavender to camouflage Tan


"Inspirational" (Moon...)

The moon or an entrance to Heaven
Or was it put there to enhance
The beauty of the Dark of  Night
A Planet ? Who really knows
What we do know It has us thinking
We picture it, Explore, drawn, write
Paint, and Dream it that makes the Moon
Inspirational !


"Pit of Eternity"

As she lashed with a silver forked tongue
Of a Dragon
She warded all with a sword and fire


"Waiting For His Call"

He sits and prays thanking the Lord
For the meal he had today and for
Yesterday, the one he had with no sorrow
Hoping and praying for the same tomorrow
He feels hes ready for his journey
He prays and asks where and when
Yes he'll toil as he feels loyal and as he waits
He stands tall waiting for his call

" Who is John Scott "

Who is John Scott? A person that is 73 Years young
With questionable methods and techniques yet without
A doubt clear and effective, a Entrepreneur  from Southern California
that's displaying If I can succeed in my Journey, there's no reason why your
Not able to,an Interesting and Inspirational Persona
Now You Know Who John Scott Is


"Vangie Rich"

Thank you for the inspirational conversation
Such a refreshing experience, as to talking
To one on the same spectrum very informative
In such a short time frame, That said,
I'd like to wish you and your family
Good things in the future


"Bowling Ball Shots"

A shot of liqueur from a thumb hole of a bowling ball
Very unique yet some think it stinks Ken Johnson
Brings publicity to the Buffalo Bills,and as you stand
In line he will fix you and the lame getting you ready
For the game Yes IDs are checked and you won't be
Forced as he stands tall serving from a bowling ball
Were not sure if hes breaking the law, Yet he was
Told to put a cork on the ball, May be next year he'll
be serving shots from a bowling pin and theres no doubt
In my mind that nobody will be in Line


"Together Again"

My name is Alfred Guajardo and
I'm from a family of eight
Being the fourth oldest with two older
Brothers and one older sister two younger
Sisters and two younger brothers yes both
Our parents passed cancer being the
cause both unexpected deaths in our family
Such a tragic and devastating experience in
Our life's saying they are greatly missed is a
Under statement one day in the future and
Theres no doubt in my mind we will all be
A Loving Family Together Again