Friday, June 17, 2022

Bruce Fox Floating down Interstate 5, Sacramento

My name is Alfred Guajardo and I worked with Bruce in the Construction trade, After he graduated from Hiram Johnson, In any case we were rained out from work and we both decided we'd do something crazy and exciting,  once we heard that Interstate 5 was flooded, we both decided we'd float down the freeway, And sure enough we picked up his raft and we were on the way, We launched right there on Front Street and into the freeway, And we made the front page of the Sacramento Union and breaking news on every T.V. station there was, from the West Coast to the East Coast, Thank you Bruce for the memorable and exciting experiences we had together, Yes you're greatly missed by family, friends and Your floating I-5 Buddy, Author Alfred Guajardo 

Bruce Fox 🦊 (1958-2019)

Bruce Fox 🦊 &  Alfred Guajardo Floating down a flooded Interstate 5,  Sacramento (Late 70's or early 80's) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Strathmore California, Guajardo Home


Strathmore California is a small quaint picturesque town just South of Fresno, it's backed up to  rolling hills which eventually blend into the Sierras, well being surrounded and nestled within acres and acres of fruits, flowers and vegetables, it's also a photographer's Paradise If you like Sunsets and Sunrise Photos, In this post I'd like to share a small portion of the many unique pictures taken, Most were taken from a rooftop angle from the Guajardo Home of Miguel and Irma Guajardo 

Rooftop shots from the Guajardo Home 

"Al the Green Rain Train" Helping bring-in the Sunrise, this particular photo  was taken by Liam Guajardo, my Nephew
All above photos were rooftop shots from the Guajardo Home, Thank You Irma and Miguel for the hospitality and all the photo opportunities, Last but not least Thank You for all the Tri-Tip sandwiches and barbecue ribs ! The ultimate fuel to keep a photographer going ! 

Here's a shot from the front yard of the Guajardo Home, with rolling hills that eventually blend into the Sierra Nevada, Beautiful Country which ever way you look at it, "Day or Night" 

Strathmore California, Avenue 200

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Life's Unfortunate Conundrum

His Love, Heart and Soul speaks  nearest and dearest

Yet his mental and emotional well being, Beg to differ

 Unfortunately it's one of life's  assigned conundrums 

That's pronounced and exists more often than not 

(Author Alfred Guajardo)

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Thursday, June 09, 2022

Minh Phat Fabric Quality and Unique, Sacramento

Minh Phat has miles and miles of quality and unique fabric to select from with every conceivable color, shade and design, this is where "Al the Green Rain Train" purchased material for his unique custom hand made green two-tone cape, tailored by "Top Hat Cleaners and Alterations" Last but not least the customer service, and reasonable price points were above and beyond average, Hands down ! Five 🌟 stars for Minh Phat Fabric (6428 Stockton Blvd)

(Brand-New cape for "Al the Green Rain Train")
Fabric was bought at Minh Phat Fabric and and the cape was tailored and personalized by   
"Top Hat Cleaners and Alterations"(6496 Broadway, Sacramento)

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Top Hat Cleaners Alterations & Custom Capes, 6496 Broadway, Sacramento


First of all "Top Hat Cleaners and Alterations" is centrally located in the greater Sacramento area, right on the corner of Broadway & 65th Express Way, a pillar in the Tahoe Park community, Not only do they do dry cleaning and alterations, they tailored a custom two tone Green cape to MY specifications, they were right on point, paying particular attention to the finer details, I was impressed and pleased with the quality, price and the completion date, I highly recommend Top Hat for your finer personalized alterations and tailored attire, Yes "Al the Green Rain Train" is more than satisfied with his bran-new custom two tone Green Cape, This is the place to go if you're looking for a personalized custom tailored cape to YOUR specifications ! And not off the rack (Español English)

Bran-new custom two tone green cape for "Al the Green Rain Train" Thank You "Top Hat" for such a professional job !

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Friday, May 27, 2022

Steps, Author Alfred Guajardo takes to write and post a Poem

 At times I'll go into a zone maybe a dimensional circle or deep Meditation possibly a trance and start walking, talking or writing, MY thoughts and ideas will melt and blend together bonding as a Whole like 100 drops of different colors in a jar, I'll shake And mix it in an ink-well, It's then applied on paper with minor changes, Yes I now truly believe its ready to post and possibly a good roast? 

 (Author Alfred Guajardo)

Author Alfred Guajardo, taking a trip through time with the help of Amtrak, Such an inspirational and relaxing experience

An Inspirational start right from the beginning, Thank You 


Author Alfred Guajardo, answering questions from the Students and the Press

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Author Alfred Guajardo supports Access Sacramento, Coloma Community Center 4623 T Street

Access Sacramento
Coloma Community Center
4623 T Street, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95819-4743

OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm
PRODUCTION HOURS: Monday - Thursday 12 noon - 9pm

     MEDIA LAB HOURS: Monday & Thursday 1pm - 9pm 

"Al the Green Rain Train" Supports Access Sacramento


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"LOWER THAN LOW " (Tahoe Park neighbor ....)


Just to let the neighbor-hood know that we have a
Grown Adult that's a" ONE TON TONGUE RAT' and
Spoiled Rotten at that, Her personality and
Character Reeks so bad that it could send a
Healthy Bitch Fly to a point of no return an
Impossible task for a new born "PIGLET" So "BEWARE"
Most know a few don't Yes I'm not perfect and by
No means will my common sense, emotional and
Mental well being allow me to stoop
(Dedicated to the one with the right size foot), Shanetta Black, Salesperson from Heaven (DiscountMugs)

To Who It May Concern;

  Wanted to let you all know that when ordering 750 drawn string tote bags from branders  by phone, That Shanetta Black (BR85761) was the sales  rep on the line that helped me as I get a little nervous when ordering over the phone she was so patience and helpful with me as she made me feel so relaxed, that I was actually  started laughing when ordering which I seldom do yes she's  like a salesperson sent from Heaven no doubt she is an asset for  and I will be a repeat customer, Thanks to Shanetta Black (BR85761) For professional service when ordering  promo marketing items like Draw string tote bags, Ink pens, Hats, Back packs, Drink ware, Apparel, to many to list. Just click on link and see for yourself and ask for Shanetta Black or just give her a call at (844) 806-1306 ,
Alfred Guajardo
Al the Green Rain Train
Five stars out of Five,   for Shanetta Black
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Bruce Fox Floating down Interstate 5, Sacramento

My name is Alfred Guajardo and I worked with Bruce in the Construction trade, After he graduated from Hiram Johnson, In any case we were rai...