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Discountmugs.com Thank you So Much for the Cool mugs !

To Who It May Concern;
I'd like to thank discountmugs.com and Anthony Raymonds for helping me with the placement of Century 21's logo on the coffee mugs I ordered for my Nephew Juan-Manuel, As he's a realtor for Century 21, And he hands them out to potential  customers, Family and friends, Yes he's one happy camper and everyone is asking him were he got them ? And his answer is from Discountmugs.com , Again I'd like to Thank Anthony for his time patience and professionalism. I shall and will be back.
Sincerely; Alfred Guajardo
(Al the Green Rain Train)   

End of Watch Tara O'Sullivan, Sacramento California, Thank You for.........

Tara O'Sullivan
Thank you for your commitment and protection you'll be forever in our thoughts, And prayers to the force that put their life's on the line day in and day out in order to protect our community, You did your deed now rest in peace, Amen (Dedicated to Tara O'Sullivan)
Officer Tara O'Sullivan


School Bus Driver for Sunnyside Elementary School Strathmore California, Miguel Guajardo and........

Miguel Guajardo one of the unsung Hero's (School Bus Driver) That make sure that the students of Sunnyside Elementary School get to School Safely and on time,  Rain or Shine, Thank You Miguel for your dedication and your safety concern  

Miguel Guajardo Getting ready for another day of making sure his students get to School on time and Safely, No doubt the teachers and parents appreciate his dedication and concern ! while being at the Helm of his School bus 

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The Beatles Debut on The Ed Sullivan Show 1964 An Uncontrollable Rave Around the Globe and..........

. I was in the 6th grade (1964) and attending Fruitridge Elementary School, When I first saw The Beatles making their debut in the U.S. by way of The Ed Sullivan show, The next day everyone at school was talking about the Beatles including the teachers, It was an uncontrollable Rave that swept through Sacramento to New York and around the globe such an unique and memorable experience to be a part of 

The above post was sponsored by "Al the Green Rain Train" a children's picture book and a reminder to all to make purchase  or to read reviews click on link Thank You and have a Great Day